My Presidential Endorsement

I usually take this opportunity to talk about the markets and where they’ve been and where they’re going, but today I want to use this space to dive straight down into politics. We’re obviously at a critical point here, barreling into the 2020 presidential election, and who we choose to lead our nation through these next four years.

Now, I know that most of our readership leans Republican or Independent, but I’ve made clear in these pages that I’m not nuts about the idea of Donald Trump continuing as our president. I think he has a significant chance to win, especially because he can deploy a few trump cards (to steal a phrase) to boost the economy even more – or slam its eventual demise, should a far-left candidate be nominated to run against him. But I don’t think we’ll get one, and for my sake and yours, I hope that’s not what we see.

So I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about who I’d like to see run against Trump, and who I think would be the best candidate for our subscriber base. As I said, I don’t think it’s a far-left candidate; with Trump being so polarizing, the party will want to be able to sweep up the independent and moderate voters.

That’s why I’ve arrived at Mike Bloomberg as the right guy. The former mayor’s been on somewhat of a hot streak lately, gaining in polls (he just topped Warren in one this week) and getting his message out to the right markets. What I like about Bloomberg is he’s the ultimate centrist. He’s barely even a Democrat – just doesn’t like Trump, and he’s made no effort to keep that quiet.

Mostly I think Bloomberg will be the best candidate for your money, which is something he knows a lot about. But that’s what makes my pick for vice president so surprising. Because I can’t think of anybody better for that role than Elizabeth Warren. Yep, the candidate running almost closest to Bernie Sanders on the far left. But here’s the thing about Warren: she’s a bulldog, and she’s whip-smart about the banks. She understands the financial industry’s ins and outs like few others, and she knows what needs to be reformed to get the focus back on prosperity for everyday Americans. People call Warren a socialist, but she’s not. She doesn’t hate capitalism; she just wants to reform it.

So there you have it: a centrist who understands business but is sensitive to things like climate change and a pitbull to remake the banks. I have more on all of this in this week’s video…

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