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In 1989, Harry Dent wrote the book Our Power to Predict. In it, he revealed how an investor could use demographic trends to accurately predict the direction of the economy and markets, sometimes decades in advance.

Since then, Harry and his business partner Rodney Johnson have been using this New Science of financial market research to accurately identify booms and busts well ahead of the mainstream.

They gained national attention for their work in warnrning investors of the 2008 credit crisis and subsequent economic collapse and market collapse, many months before it happened. But this was not the first time they were “on the money” with their big picture forecasts.

For example, in 1989 Harry accurately forecast the Japanese economic collapse and the multi-decade depression in Japan that would follow.

He also called a Dow Jones of 10,000 by the early 2000’s at a time when most economists, politicians, businessmen, analysts and investors were expecting the exact opposite. The Dow Jones broke the 10,000 barrier for the first time on April 5, 1999.

In other words, Harry has accurately predicted most of the major economic and stock market events that, had you know what was coming, could have made you substantially richer over the past 20 years.

How does he do it? Well, while most economists focus on short-term trends… policy changes… technical indicators… elections – things that are volatile, unstable and can change from day-to-day – Harry focus on long-term trends. Demographic trends. Business cycles. Market cycles.  Economic Cycles. Human behavior patternrns. Purchasing Power. Things that have demonstrated themselves over hundreds (even thousands) of years to be consistent, predictable and measurable.

He studies the past to predict the future… an approach that enables him to forecast years into the future with an incredible degree of accuracy. Then he makes minor tweaks and adjustments in response to short-term events that occur along the way.

And that’s what he and Rodney bring to you in Economy & Markets so you’ll know what’s coming next… where the immediate opportunities are… and where to park your money for the longer term.

As an Economy & Markets subscriber, you will know, for example, when it’s time to start profiting from the rise of specific emerging market economies (it’s not now, despite all the hype about these markets). And exactly what industries and investments will hand you the fastest profits, first.

You’ll learnrn when commodities are likely to peak again. And you’ll learnrn when the housing market will turnrn up again… when, markets and bonds would be a better investment than stock allocations… etc.

If you want to be ahead of the markets on every boom and bust… access the tools you can use to prepare yourself to stay ahead of the curve– sign up today!