Irrational Economic Summit

With markets flirting with extreme highs, geopolitical upheaval spreading like the plague, and the risk of a major collapse growing with each second, investors are desperate to stay one step ahead of the calamity.

This is why we will assemble some of the greatest thinkers and economists of our time to help you make sense of all that is going on in our world.

We will update you on forecasts for the marketsgold and commodities, U.S., Canadian and Australian real estateglobal economiesemerging markets, and the demographic cliff that’s either ahead for many countries, or that’s already rattling economies around the world.

Not only will you learnrn what’s ahead for the U.S. and global economies  (and how to side-step it) from the esteemed panel above, we’ve invited some of the foremost authorities from around the world to share extraordinary opportunities for profit being created in the chaos.

Listening to just one of those speakers would be worth thousands of dollars. Listening to all of them would be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Yet we’re bringing them into the same room as you for a mere fraction of that.

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