“The Daily Mail Made Our Website Crash – Sorry”

I’m in Australia for the next two weeks.

I speak in Perth on February 24th (Saturday), Melbournrne on the 26th (Monday), Sydney on the 27th (Tuesday), Brisbane on the 28th (Wednesday), and Newcastle on March 2 (Friday).

If you want to hear me speak, sign up on harrydentlive.com. And for my Australian subscribers, you don’t want to miss the very timely update I’ll be sharing.

Since arriving on Saturday, the Australian media has been clamoring to speak with me. I did an interview with the widely read Daily Mail. You can read it here. It got such a response that it crashed the organizer of my Australian tour – Goko’s – website.

Although, I will warnrn you that the Daily Mail overstated my downward forecasts for Australia, which is still the “best house” by far in the developed world of high debt and falling demographic trends.

My favorite interview so far was with Peter Switzer on Sky News TV and his radio program “Talking Money.”

And, luckily, I’ve managed to squeeze in the opportunity to visit the best upscale food court in the world. It’s in Sydney, at Westfield near the park downtown. This picture just can’t do it justice. There are over 40 great restaurants on one floor.

Here’s the place I always eat at when I’m in Australia. It’s called Ragu. It’s an Italian place, with killer Puttanesca pasta.

Again, whether you’re in Australia or not, tune in to listen to my latest critical update.

Speaking of updates… on Tuesday I emailed paid subscribers an update on U.S. markets. While it contained a typo that we later corrected, here’s the gist of the message…

Harry Dent

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Remember, You Are Part of the Market

By Charles Sizemore, Portfolio Manager, Boom & Bust

Imagine that you invent a time machine today and that you travel back to the decade of your choice. You use your knowledge of market history to bet on the winners… and to avoid or even short the losers. And you can time your purchases to the day. You’d make a killing… for a while. You’d likely become the richest man in the world within a few short years. But at some point, your exploits would become so legendary that every Tom, Dick, and Harry would copy you. Your trading would become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and stocks you bought would soar because you bought them, and stocks you sold would collapse because you sold them. Eventually, your trading activity would affect the flow of capital to the point that you would change history… and then your knowledge of the future would be all but useless, as that future would no longer exist. The thing is, you can see the same principles at work in the market today.

Markets Change, Human Nature Doesn’t

By John Del Vecchio, Editor, XX

Last week I talked about how the implosion of the short volatility trade was likely not the start of a bear market. A bear market likely needs a major default or bankruptcy, or a painful increase in interest rates. But, it’s probably not the rates you expect. Market pundits watch every move of the Federal Reserve to try and glean what the members might be thinking about rates and the impact it will have on the markets. I think those pundits are looking in the wrong direction.

The Winners in Inflation

By Adam O’Dell, Chief Investment Strategist, Dent Research

While the most recent iteration of “inflation spook” seemed to crystalize with the February 2 wage growth report, early signs of the inflation trade were brewing as early as last December. Since then, the utilities sector (XLU) is down 9.1% – clearly the worst of all U.S. sectors since mid-December. Real estate investment trusts (VNQ) lost 11.7%, putting the sector into bear market territory now that prices are 20% off their July 2016 high! The real winners of the recent inflation trade have been…

Bad Timing

By Lance Gaitan, Editor, Treasury Profits Accelerator

The U.S. governrnment’s borrowing needs are on the rise, and so are interest rates. Now is not the time to increase borrowing. Why? Because it’s going to cost us taxpayers more. But do our elected officials care? Probably not. It’s just business as usual. The Federal Reserve is promising three or four more rate hikes this year, but the governrnment already cut taxes and is now promising to spend more on infrastructure (among other things). So now, it seems, is the time to borrow.

Harry Dent

Bestselling author and founder of Dent Research, an affiliate of Charles Street Research. Dent developed a radical new approach to forecasting the economy; one that revolved around demographics and innovation cycles.