Bad Employment News Mean We’re Getting Closer to the Market Crash

Sometimes it feels like we’re caught in a bad zombie movie. No matter what we do, the undead keep standing back up and lurching toward us.

Look, the U.S. economy is not dead. But it’s not healthy either. So the Fed keeps shooting it full of crack that brings a quick high, then fails.

But eventually those highs don’t go as high or last as long. And like all good zombie movies, the survivors eventually succeed in getting the dead to stay dead.

Personally, I want the movie to end, because frankly I’m getting tired of it. My popcornrn is stale and my soda is down to just ice.

The good news is, the bad news seems to be picking up steam. Finally. That’s a sign that we’re nearing the end. Just like in the movies, the really bad things seem to happen just before the tables turnrn….

And the latest bad thing to happen is…

… the Non-Farm Payroll Employment Report!


On July 6 the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the numbers and they were horrible… 80,000 jobs created on expectations of over 100,000 jobs… in an economy that needs 125,000 to150,000 jobs each month just to keep up with the growing labor force.

Then the employment news got worse. The birth/death adjustment, where the governrnment “guesses” at how many jobs small businesses create, showed a gain of 124,000.

The thing is, the Bureau had already added that number to reach the 80,000 jobs gain. That means the real number of jobs the BLS actually counted was -44,000.

Now, if the BLS had reported the true figure of -44,000 instead of its guessed-at 80,000, there would have been blood in the streets!

That’s OK. We know the truth because we watch the employment reports. And the truth is things are bad, and getting worse.

But we need it. We need the process of shedding the bad stuff so we can get down to the good parts of our economy and begin moving forward. Just like when you eat bad fish, your body needs to flush all the nastiness out before you feel better. When your body can’t get rid of the toxins, you die… and become a dead man walking.

The more we hang on to the notion that things will get better if we only wait a little longer, or if we only create a little more money, or if we maybe just have one more “save-the-broke-homeowner” program, the deeper in trouble we become.

The problem is, while we have been trying this program Rome has been burnrning. We are on the fourth year of $1 trillion-plus deficits. Home Prices are off by over 30% and have flat-lined. Food prices are up. Wages depressed. And yes, we still have millions of unemployed.

It’s Time… Be Prepared

Our economy is flagging. Tax rates hang in the balance as the December 31st deadline looms over our heads. Elections present us with two candidates, neither of whom can solve the crisis we face. The euro zone disintegrates more every day.

Any one of these problems by itself is difficult. But altogether?

Mark my words. We’re getting close. The great crash is coming.

And if you’ve been following our recommendations, you’ll be well prepared to weather the effects of the crack-head detox or bad-tuna flush (whatever you want to call it, it’s going to be ugly) ahead.

We’ve planned for this eventuality. Our Boom & Bust portfolios and our guidance have been built around the notion that things will get worse before they get better. That’s why we’ve preached caution and income.

Those who are with us should be in a good position to survive and prosper as events unfold.




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