Come Out to Visit the Dent Research Team in Palm Beach

charles_headshotWhenever two Texans meet for the first time on neutral territory – and by neutral, I mean anywhere outside the Lone Star State – somehow, some way, the meeting inevitably becomes a contest to see whose Texan roots run deeper.

It’s the closest thing to a manhood-measuring contest I can imagine without a ruler.

At last year’s annual Irrational Economic Summit, I was once again measured… and fell far shorter than ever before against my new friend. It was a guest from the Houston area whose roots dug all the way back to before Texan statehood, the Republic of Texas and even Mexican rule.

She could trace her family’s Texan roots to a land grant by the King of Spain. Her ancestors had lived under all six of Texas’ flags.

I know when I’ve been beaten, so I tipped my hat (proverbially) and looked to console myself with a cold Shiner Bock… which was irritatingly tough to find in Vancouver.

But, it goes to show that you never know who you’re going to meet at IES. Attendees from around the world come to hear Harry and the rest of the gang speak. And, as often as not, the conversations you strike up in hallways, or at the bar, are equally insightful.

You will learnrn a lot from watching Harry on stage. But if you really want to know what he thinks about something, buy him a drink afterwards. You’ll have a conversation that you won’t soon forget.

We’re hosting this year’s Irrational Economic Summit in October at the PGA National Resort in sunny Palm Beach, Florida. The Honorable David Walker – previous Comptroller General of the United States and head of the U.S. Governrnment Accountability Office (GAO) – will be our keynote speaker.

You won’t want to miss his speech. David – despite living in the corridors of power – never “drank the Kool-Aid” and became a Washington insider. He maintained his independent streak… and his knack for taking both Democrats and Republicans to task for their fiscal shenanigans.

Fellow Texan Dr. Lacy Hunt, who joined us last year in Vancouver, will also be returnrning this year. Lacy is one of the few economists out there who understood years ago that deflation rather than inflation would be the greatest economic challenge of the 2010s.

And he puts his money where his mouth is; Lacy runs a $4.5 billion money management practice specializing in fixed income portfolios. Given how heavily allocated I am with income investments in Peak Income, Dent 401K Advisor and Boom & Bust, I’m looking forward to what Lacy has to say.

You’ll also see some familiar faces from the Dent team taking the stage. Harry and Rodney will kick it off like always, but you’ll also get to hear from our resident forensic accountant John Del Vecchio.

John is a short seller by trade, and I’m willing to bet his speech is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. A lot of speakers will tell you how to buy stocks. John will show you his tricks on how to short ‘em.

Dent Research’s Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell will also give his outlook. Adam gave his “sell everything” call at last year’s event… and I mean that literally. We exited most of our long positions in Boom & Bust based on an announcement Adam made during the summit.

And it was well-timed. Very shortly thereafter, the market went into a tailspin that didn’t let up until mid-February… nearly five months later. We’ll see what new insights Adam has cooking for us in October.

And naturally, I’ll be taking the stage as well, giving my recommendations for the investment minefield ahead. So if you’d like to chat in person, this is your chance. Also, be sure to buy Harry that drink. You won’t regret it – he’s a real force to meet in person.


Charles Sizemore

Portfolio Manager, Boom & Bust

P.S. There was a flurry of excitement this mornrning over how successful Adam’s webinar, Why Most Investors Suck Wind (And How to Guarantee YOU Don’t!), was and how positive the response has been to his trading methodology. Word came from our publisher that for a limited time, you can still get access to Adam’s “tricks of the trade” right here. Hurry though, because this information is hot – and it’s not going to be available for long.

Charles Sizemore

Charles specializes in finding value opportunities and income plays outside of the mainstream stock market.