Craziness in the Markets: Live from the Irrational Economic Summit

The 2019 Irrational Economic Summit is already off to a big start.

The Irrational Economic Summit opened with a full house of 260 attendees. Boom & Bust co-editor Rodney Johnson drove home the importance of pinpointing the right information, at the right time, to take the right action on your money.

“We don’t just give you research unless it’s actionable and accurate for us to follow,” Rodney explained in his opening speech. He then invited the conference’s scheduled speakers to the stage, investors like Lee Lowell, John Del Vecchio, Charles Sizemore, and Lance Gaitan. Getting a preview of each of their researched-supported topics makes clear that we have a jam-packed weekend ahead. It will be full of under-the-radar strategies and stock recommendations.

Adam O’Dell, Dent Research’s options trading expert behind the innovative Cannabis Paydays, will share the top 20 ticker symbols you need to buy in 2020 on Friday at 3pm. And J.C. Parets, the wizard technical trader, who reviews over 5,000 charts a day for his Off the Charts and Breakout Profits trading services to find overlooked money-making opportunities. Tomorrow at his 9am presentation, he’ll have a list of charts that are “certain will break out and go 300-400% higher.”

Craziness in the Market 

But attendees were in their seats for Harry Dent’s opening session. His speech detailed why the “craziness” behind the current bubble market is purely driven by the governrnment making irrational economic decisions. Harry likened the drastic economic stimulus (a.k.a. quantitative easing) to the addictiveness of crack: Feed an addiction and you’ll have to keep feeding it, until there’s nothing left but destruction.

“Guess who is buying the S&P 500 stocks?” he asked. “The S&P… Sounds like cheating the market to me. When the bubble explodes everything will be worthless.

“Nobody can forecast the future. It’s too complicated to predict. But that’s beyond the truth. The easiest thing to see well in advance is the long term, and I’ll show you how…”

And predicting every major market event is exactly what Harry Dent has been able to do — with eerie accuracy. If you aren’t a livestream viewer, I strongly urge you to keep an eye out for the complete 2019 IES video kit to get lifetime access to Harry’s full presentation and slide deck.

Up Next…

With Gordon Chang, Mark Yusko, and the highly-anticipated David Stockman keynote in the next few hours, there’s plenty more action ahead for the Irrational Economic Summit. I’ll send a detailed day 1 recap tomorrow mornrning with additional must-read insights.