Customized Human Genome Mapping for Precision Medicine!

As precision medicine evolves, scientists are learnrning that the human genome map they’ve been using is limiting their ability to provide truly custom medicine. How could this happen with a $3 billion program?

The problem is that the genome map sequenced only represents one way a person’s genome could look. It doesn’t rule out the 3 billion variables and combinations with them that scientists have to consider!

How do they plan to solve this? The simple answer: hardcore mathematics to reach a conclusion, and advanced supercomputing to crunch all the data.

There’s a technique scientists plan to employ called “graph theory.” With it, they can map out every possible alternrnative of the human genome within man’s 46 different chromosomes. The end state is to find the best path through the genetic letters that match your own.

This will make precision medicine even more precise. With so many path options to consider, scientists will have better references to issue custom medicine based on an individual’s genome. Right now, they’re still using that dated genome map from the early 2000s. Eventually this will lead to a new standard for meeting a patient’s exact medical needs.

A geneticist from the University of Utah even thinks this technology will be mainstream within the next five years!

Right now, there are a number of academic and commercial institutions becoming involved in this advanced technology, including genetics firm 23andMe, which Google has their eye on.

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As always, I will continue to monitor the market’s latest health and biotech technology trends via my social media collective intelligence tool and keep you updated on the latest.

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Ben Benoy

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