Diversity and Equality Walk into a Bar…

It’s passed.

The Democrats took the House, while the Republicans took the Senate. All ended as all was predicted.

We’ve managed to make it through the midterm elections scot-free.

Well, almost…

There was Scott Walker’s frustration with the inability to ask for a recount in a close race in Wisconsin due to a law that he put into place the previous year.

Then there was Stacey Abrams reluctance to concede to Brian Kemp, who has already started the process of moving into his new office despite the demand to wait until all votes are accounted for, which won’t be until sometime next week.

And let’s not forget the lawsuit filed by the GOP in the Arizona on Wednesday that accuses inconsistent and improper handling of mail-in ballots. The Democrats called it as an attempt at voter suppression.

Meanwhile the markets are unfazed by the outcome. For now, anyway…

In a Perfect World…

Last weekend, as we moved into the midterm elections, I left you with some food for thought.

It was a poem that I felt relevant to the times as we move forward.

And I mentioned it to one of my friends over the weekend.

We were at the bar when the topic of politics came up, briefly.

Now, we know better than to mix politics and drinks. Still, a quick conversation seemed inevitable…

We shared our thoughts about the poem, and what could be one of many solutions to some of the issues in the U.S. right now.

Now, we both don’t agree on everything. It’d be an awful friendship if we did. And we have a tendency to think deeply about the questions presented to one another (if not to seem like a fool when answering).

Before we moved away from the topic he said, “Everyone just needs to be equal — everyone works for what they have, and everyone suffers the same.”

We laughed at that, ordered another round, and moved on to talking about the upcoming Capitals game.

Of course, his answer was not a serious one. Diversity is what makes the world go round. It brings about changes and revolutions.

If things did ever shift to how my friend suggested, then we’d end up like poor Harrison Bergeron.

Stay in the Know

The most important (and beneficial) thing you can do is read and keep yourself in the know.

Have an open mind when it comes to topics you know little or nothing about. Sometimes, those things that seem overwhelming aren’t so bad once you get to know them…

Take put options, for example. There is this stigma that surrounds them…

Many people don’t believe that they can trade put options due to a lack of skill. And if you buy into that belief, then you will certainly never learnrn how to trade them.

Or take active investing…

It’s an intimidating thing, actively buying and selling, trying to avoid losses.

Many will side for passive investing, which doesn’t generate much profit in the short- or long-term. Adam talks of this often, and you can check out some of his thoughts on this at therichinvestor.com.

Adam does more than talk though. He’s developed several proven strategies…

The market-timing strategy of his 10X Profits  service has the ability to earnrn you major profits, while minimizing risk regardless of the status of the market.

Things may be calm now… but no one knows how they’ll be a week from today, let alone tomorrow.

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