Generation Z: The Rise of the Technologically Inclined and the Socially Impaired (Part I)

When I was a kid, my friends and I would clean out the pantry of all the junk food my mom bought.

My sister was never happy about not having Twinkies to devour, or Fruit Roll-Ups to munch on after her soccer games. And my mom certainly wasn’t pleased with our gluttonous ways since it was doing nothing but burnrning a hole in her pocket every week.

But we were young. We needed junk food.

One of the most satisfying treats in that pantry was the soda… and we had it all: Coca-Cola, Barq’s, Sprite, Canada Dry, IBC Cream Soda, Welch’s Grape Soda, you name it. Our favorite was Mountain Dew. We’d suck down case after case like it was water.

Life was good until we hit middle school. During sex ed classes we heard a rumor: Mountain Dew makes you infertile.

We didn’t care. We were in middle school. The Dew remained our drink of choice.

Then we were in high school. By then, the rumor had morphed somewhat: Yellow-5 lowers sperm count (and that’s what’s in Mountain Dew).

We still didn’t care. I don’t know many adolescent boys who’d stop drinking such a delicious, refreshing beverage because it might lower sperm count. If anything, such rumors might encourage even more consumption. No high school boy sets out to become a dad that early.

Mountain Dew could almost replace the condom, or so they believed.

Their logic behind that belief was sound, but…

The Decline of Man

While I never found out if there was truth to that “Yellow-5” rumor, just 18 short years later (yes, I’m a Millennial) we’re witnessing the greatest drop in birth rates seen in the U.S. since 1987.

It’s something that Harry has talked to you about before.

Over the years, researchers and epidemiologists have been looking over the data to figure out what’s going on here (and globally). What they’ve discovered is unsettling…

To start, men are more prone to die before women, regardless of age. It’s just how it is.

Studies have also shown a severe decrease in sperm counts per milliliter of semen by more than 50% since 1973. Overall sperm counts were down by about 60% as well.

The cherry on top?  Testosterone levels have dropped drastically. And this drop, from what scientist are learnrning, is starting in utero and going all throughout adult. Even to the extent that the lower testosterone levels are being passed on from parent to child.

In short, men are dying earlier, producing less spunk, and are being bornrn with lower levels of testosterone across the board.

If this trend continues, at this rate, men could lead humanity to extinction in the next 40 years or so…

Thankfully, technology (think IVF and stem cell stuff) is advancing to the point where the human race could still survive, even if men – in all traditional senses – disappeared.

Still, things aren’t looking good for modernrn men.

And most scientists believe that it all started to go south for our swimmers around the time of the Industrial Revolution, when plastics began to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. Foreign chemicals and compounds, like BPA, have taken their toll on our little soldiers.

Take care, take care.


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