How to Make More Money

There’s a reason why we have more than 350 people in this room…

It’s because they trust and respect the brilliant thinkers at the 2018 Irrational Economic Summit here in Austin, Texas.

But the reason why they do might surprise you…

Right before the main session started, I had the chance to talk to one of our members who’ve been following our research for almost 10 years.

“You know, Jake,” he said to me, “I’ve subscribed to a lot of newsletters. But what I love about Harry, and why Dent Research is my main source of information, is he’s willing to change his mind when the conditions change.”

And if you’ve been paying attention… you already know that times are a changin.

“Disruption” is here, and things aren’t what they used to be because of it.

And if you want to profit from the huge disruption ahead of us… you can’t live in the past.

You have to open your mind to new ideas. If you don’t, you’re going to miss the next big opportunity.

And you’re going to miss the warnrning signs that tell us when danger is approaching.

The Power of Big Ideas

We talk a lot about “big ideas” here at Dent Research.

They’re more than just bold predictions (which we make plenty of). And they’re more than the promise of getting rich (which is the point of investing).

The true power of a big idea is this…

A big idea fundamentally changes our perception of the world around us.

Big ideas inspire us to rethink what’s possible for the future.

And most importantly, big ideas give us a chance to make big-time profits.

That’s what makes the Irrational Economic Summit so great!

This is a conference for people who think big, and want to think bigger.

It’s for people who are willing to reject the status quo and look for a better way.

It’s a place where we can share our boldest, and most controversial ideas WITHOUT being marginalized by mainstream bias.

It’s why our members keep coming back.

And it’s why almost every single speaker wants to returnrn each year.

They are so impressed by the intelligence and open-mindedness of our members.

Today, we’ve got some of our greatest contrarian thinkers sharing their ideas.

At 1:30 PM CT, Harry Dent took the stage with his opening talk: Disrupting Economics… and the Economics of Disruption.

And even though I’m intimately familiar with his research, I learnrned something brand new hearing him give this presentation.

Then, geopolitical expert George Friedman gave an incredible talk called The World Under Stress.

Now, I’m a complete newbie when it comes to geopolitics, but hearing how he sees the world was profound… and already has me rethinking my views on the way things work (and how to invest).

And if you missed either of these talks, don’t worry, you can still catch the replays when you sign up for the 2018 Irrational Economic Summit LIVESTREAM.

But we still have a whole roster of incredibly big thinkers coming up!

Today, at 4:30 PM CT, the one and only Neil Howe takes the stage with his Generations and the Rhythms of History: What’s Ahead for Our Lifestyles, Our Workstyles, and Our Financial Assets presentation.

At 5:30 PM CT, our keynote speaker Kevin Ashton will be telling us all about The Future of the Internrnet of Things.

Tomorrow mornrning, at 8:45 AM CT, Kevin Smith — founder of TradeSmith — is revealing his big idea… and what he believes is the most profitable investment you can make today.

At 9:20 AM CT, Andy Swan is showing us how to profit from social media data.

Rodney Johnson is enjoying himself a “wake-and-bake” by talking about growing a fortune with pot stocks at 10 AM CT…

Elliot Gue is talking about the coming oil shock at 11:00 AM CT…

And last, but certainly not least, Lacy Hunt will be exposing the dirty truth about the Federal Reserve’s impact on the global economy at 11:50 AM CT.

Here’s to thinking big (and bigger profits from the era of disruption).

-Jake Hoffberg