Our IES Is All About That

We are living through the greatest economic experiment in history.

How long can the economy go while avoiding recessions through massive, non-stop money creation and infusion into the economy?

And when will the side effects of such an economy be seen?

By late August, this will be the longest-lived bull market without a 20%-plus correction.

The last one was late 1990 and into early 2000. But that’s not the most remarkable fact…

This bull market has occurred during a period where demographic trends and debt loads have been the worst in history.

Is this a grand innovation in economics that fulfills the long quest for the “Fountain of Youth” (an economy without recessions)?

Or is it just total BS – merely something for nothing policies.

You know my stance on that by now!

There are two increasingly clear scenarios now that this bubble is getting into its final stages – with tax cuts right at the worst time in history for them – according to our most powerful cycles:

  • Our projected late 2017 top on major cycles did occur. Stocks peaked on January 26, and are moving sideways this year, just as gold did between late 2011 and late 2012 before its collapse.
  • Another round of tax cuts, along with a temporary reprieve in the trade wars ahead, brings a final rally into our second great cycle peak around late 2019. On a 90-year cycle, that’ll result in our greatest depressions and resets from late 2019 to 2023, just like back in late 1929 to early 1933.

I’ll go over arguments for both cases, and show you which one I favor as of late October.

And we’re likely to see some fireworks between now and then, which could bring more clarity.

I’ll also give a summary of all of the key factors in our economy that economists simply cannot explain, and that our research CAN, starting with inflation (which they have absolutely no clue about) and all the way up to money velocity!

I’ll go over this, and more, at this year’s Irrational Economic Summit.

But I won’t be doing this on my own.

Some of the top minds will be there as well.

Like every conference, Dr. Lacy Hunt will be there. He is the ONLY classically-trained economist – and in great depth – that also has his feet on the ground as a real-world bond fund manager. He has one of the best “under-the-hood” indicators I’ve found, and can explain it in simple common-sense terms. He can tell you which countries are productively investing for the future and which are not.

And guess which two lead the shit list: China and Japan!

After being unable to attend last year, David Stockman is returnrning. He’s a great complement to our views and research, with strong political and financial expertise, along with real-world experience that includes once being the Budget Director for Reagan. In his bestselling book, he calls this era “the corruption of capitalism.” I call it “killing the golden goose.” He’s passionate, and the one of the only outside speaker that has gotten a standing ovation at any of our conferences that I can remember.

You won’t want to miss what David has to say…

As if that isn’t enough, we also have…

Neil Howe, the co-author of the ground-breaking book, Generations.

Oh, did I bow down and kiss the earth when that book came out in 1989. The whole terminology for naming generations like the “Millennials” comes from his work. He brings the whole socio-political side of generation cycles to complement our financial and economic dimension, and sees us in a revolution he calls “the fourth turnrning.”

And, of course, you know I stress that the biggest cycle hitting today is the greatest political and social revolution since the advent of democracy itself nearly 250 years ago.

That’s why I had to have him and Stockman at this conference…

George Friedman, author of the ground-breaking book: The Next 100 Years, will be there.

He’s a world-renown geopolitical expert. And someone we’ve greatly anticipating, and have finally been able to get for the first time.

If this isn’t a time of geopolitical turmoil – and coming into the worst of our 35-year Geopolitical Cycle in the next few years – I don’t know what is.

Don’t miss him.

To bring a technological perspective, we’ve Kevin Ashton, our keynote speaker.

He coined the term “The Internrnet of Things,” which best describes the current revolution in technologies, that will both transcend and enhance the last one. He’s the author of How to Fly a Horse, which gives you an idea of how this speaker uses simple, compelling stories to explain a complex topic.

Economic, political, geopolitical, and social trends…

We cover it all at this year’s IES in Austin, Texas, on October 25 through the 27.

I consider this to be the most important conference we’ve ever had.

Being at such a pivotal point between late this year and next year, it’s important know what’s happening, what is to come, and how to make it through when the shit hits the fan.

If there ever was a time to plan and strategize for your future – this is IT!

Two classmates of mine from Harvard Business School have come before, and are coming again this year. The difference is they’re telling our other classmates to come as well. They feel this is such a critical time to hear our very contrarian message – yes, even contrarian to the gold bugs…

And Austin is my favorite city to hang out in.

We’ll be right smack downtown within walking distance of everything.

So, stay an extra day or two and soak up some culture that the city has to offer. Maybe we’ll run into one another, and talk for a bit.

It’ll be a great time of the year. I can’t stress enough the importance of this conference, and my excitement for it.

So, keep an eye on your inbox over the next couple of days for more on IES. You won’t want to miss out what we have to offer…


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