That’s a Wrap!

The 2018 IRRATIONAL ECONOMIC SUMMIT is now officially over!

And just like every year, it was an incredible three days of learnrning from some of the smartest investment minds in the world.

People like Harry Dent… who continues to amaze me with how thorough and detailed his research is (and the predictions he’s able to make because of it).

George Friedman… a geopolitical master who paints a picture of the world you simply won’t find on TV. And when you listen to him describe the complicated web of agendas that REALLY balance the worlds regimes, you start to realize just how fake most news really is.

Neil Howe… whose brilliant work on generational cycles continues shows just how predictable the future really is. And even though it can be difficult to accept that we’re in the “crisis” phase… once you do, you realize just how much opportunity there really is.

Kevin Ashton… who so elegantly stated, “Predicting the future is easy… believing it is hard.” These nine words were the beginning of a series of predictions about the future I (almost) couldn’t believe could happen.

David Stockman… an economics and political wunderkind who has such a thorough understanding of how the Deep State interests are corrupting our country.

Lou Basenese… His presentation alone was easily one of the best hours I’ve ever spent a conference. Learnrning about the tech “hype cycle” — and why our biggest advantage as individual investors lies in small-cap tech stocks — made me rethink the way I personally invest.

J.C. Parets… I wasn’t prepared for how good this man was on stage. I must have taken two pages of notes from his talk (and dedicated the majority of yesterdays update to barely the first 10 minutes of his presentation). He’s the ONLY person who’s ever gotten me excited about understanding technical analysis and charting.

Michael Terpin… when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain, there simply isn’t a more connected and better informed person on the planet.

Not to mention all of our editors here at Dent Research — Rodney Johnson, Adam O’Dell, Charles Sizemore, John Del Vecchio, Lance Gaitan — who I’m grateful I get to learnrn from every single week here.

It’s Not All About the Speakers…

Some of the biggest — and most important — insights I got from this year’s IRRATIONAL ECONOMIC SUMMIT didn’t come from the stage… they came from people just like you. Our amazing and diverse group of Dent Research members who come from all walks of life and all across the globe.

And as the boots-on-the-ground reporter, I spent a lot of time talking to our members and getting to know them and their stories.

I can’t think of any other room I’ve been in where one minute I can be talking to someone who used to be in charge of a substantial portion of the Air Force’s budget… and the next I’m chatting with someone whose grandfather invented commercial air conditioning…

Or a professional trader who now lives in Nicaragua after “escaping from Chicago”…

Or one of the many financial planners and financial advisors who trust our research to help them (or their clients) make better investment decisions.

But it wasn’t until the very last day, when I met William and his 13 year old son, Nathan, that I got my biggest insight from this conference.

You see… William’s son Nathan actually skipped school to come to the Irrational Economic Summit with his father. And I don’t know what you were doing when you were 13… but I know I sure wasn’t learnrning about money, financing, or investing.

So, when I asked William what it is he’s hoping to teach his son, he said this…

“You know Jake, I like money. Because money tastes like a safe home to live in, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and the ability to take care of your family. It tastes like freedom. But the way you get all of these things is by taking responsibility for your life.”

I was floored.

Freedom comes from responsibility. A belief I wish more parents were instilling in their children. And a belief I wish our society was more willing to accept in this crazy era of entitlement.

But I guess that’s why I love being a part of the Dent Research family.

Because being in our room says something important about you…

It means you’re open-minded, curious, and willing to learnrn.

It’s Not Too Late

Before I go, I want to remind you that everything I touched on, the presentations the speakers gave, and numerous other bonus content, is still available to you.


Change is coming.

And with as much disruption in the world today — which will only become worse over time — it pays to be prepared.

So long as you keep an open-mind, and continue to learnrn, there’s nothing that you can’t overcome.

With our annual Irrational Economic Summit, we strive to keep you in the know, to expand your horizon, and to put you into a better position where you can make major profits, regardless of the status of the economy, the markets, or the political atmosphere.

Yet we also get the most when we engage as a community, and at the conference, we aim to bring every member together. In the end, we share a common goal: freedom.

I’d love to hear what you thought about this year’s Irrational Economic Summit.

Tell me your thoughts about it at ECONOMYANDMARKETS@DENTRESEARCH.COM.

Until next year,

Jake Hoffberg