The 2018 Irrational Economic Summit Has Begun!

I’ve been waiting for this moment for months…

Because today, I’m flying to sunny Austin, Texas, for what I believe is going to be the best investing conference I’ve ever been to…

The 2018 Irrational Economic Summit.

And my job for the next several days is to be your eyes and ears on the ground here at the conference.

If you weren’t able to be with us in person, if you’re joining us via livestream, or even if you’re one of the hundreds of readers enjoying the fine Texas weather with us…

My emails over the next several days will be your window into the world of IES 2018.

You’ll hear from me twice a day (at noon CST and 4 PM CST) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday… and again on Sunday at 4 PM CST to wrap things up.

I’ll be giving you daily recaps of what happened during the day, as well as previews for the speakers that are still coming up.

And if you haven’t already, make sure you click here, right now, and sign up for the 2018 IES Livestream.

Because this is, without a doubt, the single best lineup of speakers we’ve ever had at IES…

Each one is a bona fide titan in their respective areas of expertise.

Neil Howe – Easily one of the most brilliant thinkers alive today. His book The Fourth Turnrning is a testament to the power of understanding demographic cycles… something I’ve learnrned so much about working alongside Harry Dent these past three years.

Dr. George Friedman – I had the pleasure of meeting George and his wife Meredith a few years ago at another conference. His geopolitical analysis and forecasting is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Everytime I hear him speak (or read his work), I’m always left with a mixture of pure awe for how someone can be this smart… and of creeping terror that what he predicts will actually happen.

David Stockman – When you’re in a room with the former economic advisor to Ronald Reagan, it’s hard NOT to be impressed with everything he says about economics. And reading his insights every day in Deep State: Declassified has opened my eyes up to a political reality I didn’t know existed.

Michael Terpin – I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a cryptocurrency skeptic. But having the opportunity to hear first hand from one of the most connected people in the blockchain community. He wowed our audience last year with his presentation… and based on my speaker notes, this is going to blow his 2017 speech out of the water.

Our keynote speaker Kevin Ashton – There’s something undeniably cool about getting to hear about the future of the Internrnet of Things from the man who invented the term.

Not to mention Lacy Hunt, Lou Basenese, Elliot Gue, Seth Shapiro, and the entire editorial team here at Dent Research.

And as we are approaching the midterm elections… literally anything could happen in this record long bull market!

Which is why I can’t wait to hear what all these experts have to say about the near term future of the markets.

But more important, I’m personally looking forward to learnrning more about all of the innovative and disruptive trends that are emerging right now…

And what I can do to start profiting from the exciting future ahead of us.

So keep an eye on your inbox for my email tomorrow (and the rest of this week)!

Again, you’ll be getting two emails a day, Thursday through Saturday, from me… one at noon CST and another at 4 PM CST.

So, make sure you keep an eye out for my next email.

I’ll be giving you a preview of the opening day’s speakers…

AND, I’m going to be revealing a little known secret about this conference.

See you tomorrow at noon,