The Irrational Economic Summit: Day One Recap [Video]

Well, folks, Day One of the Irrational Economic Summit is in the books. It was jam-packed full of insights from Neil Howe and our own Harry Dent. And Keynote Speaker Kevin Ashton brought the goods…

They covered a lot of ground in just one day. Keep in mind that with the “Live Stream Pass” you can go back and re-watch the presentations, just in case you may have missed something.

And Day Two is shaping up to be just as thought-provoking.

Jake will have more coverage coming to you soon, so keep an eye on your inbox for his PM update.

Following yesterday’s presentations, Dave Okenquist was able to catch up with Harry for a brief interview on his thoughts about the conference so far.

Click the video below to hear what Harry had to say.

And for those of you who aren’t attending, there’s still time to snag your pass to access the remainder of our Irrational Economic Summit, as well as gaining access to the replay kit.

Again, keep your eyes peeled for the PM update coming from Jake later this evening.

Take care, take care.