The Irrational Economic Summit

It’s almost that time again.

By this time next week, our Irrational Economic Summit will be in full swing.

For those of you making the journrney to Austin, Texas to listen to some of the most brilliant contrarian thinkers of our time talk about the status of our economy, future technologies, and demographic trends that could serve to disrupt, you’re in for a grand ole’ time in one of America’s favorite cities.

For those of you who wanted to go, but maybe couldn’t, fret not. We get it. Life just simply is too busy; that annual family reunion with cousins you’d rather not see, in-laws who do nothing but nag, or nieces and nephews who — despite being an adorable joy — seem to always wear your nerves thin while simultaneously destroying a small portion of the room they’re playing in.

So, because we still want you to enjoy the benefits of hearing the great minds we’ve gathered together, even if you can’t be with us in person, we’re live streaming the entire event.

And it gets better.

We’re running a little contest for free access to the Live Stream for free.

To enter, like us on Facebook and then click the LEARN MORE button on the cover image.

Simple, right?

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With our Irrational Economic Summit coming up, Harry decided to share the reason he’s excited for the event, and why you should be too.

That’s all for this week.

And keep in mind that with IES next week, our normal mailing schedule will be slightly modified to accommodate for the event.

Take care, take care.