Your Money or Your Life: How to Afford to Live to 100

According to just about every single study I’ve ever read… the number one fear of older (or retired) people is outliving their money.

Or as Adam O’Dell likes to say, “dying while broke.”

And here in America, where a shocking number of people don’t have anywhere near enough to afford retirement…

It’s becoming a very real possibility for more people than we’d like to admit.

And if Kevin Ashton is right, your grandchildren may have life expectancies in the 100s…

It means we’re going to have to start rethinking retirement. And to do that, it means we’re going to need to let go of some of the old ideas we believe to be true.

“The main goal is to find out where we are wrong…”

As I write this, J.C. Parets is on stage giving his talk called A TOP-DOWN APPROACH TO MARKETS USING INTERMARKET ANALYSIS TO FIND STOCKS TO BUY.

And aside from his incredible energy and enthusiasm on stage, J.C. is one helluva smart technical analyst.

For me, his big idea is this…

When we are under stress, we revert back into our lizard brain and act irrationally and emotionally. And if we want to be successful investors, being an emotional mess isn’t a good idea.

Which is why he likes to write down why he entered a trade.

He says…

“We want to plan out what we are going to do prior to entering the trade, so we don’t get overwhelmed by stress when we revert back to our basic programming.”

But more importantly, we always want to assume we are wrong. And we want to look for evidence that proves we’re wrong.

And he is willing and able to change his mind when the conditions change.

Which is why, despite being “obnoxiously bullish” for the past several years about stocks…

He’s changing his tune now that the data is suggesting the environment is changing.

Word of Advice:

“Don’t be emotional about your stocks.”

That’s what John Del Vecchio said in HIS PRESENTATION EARLIER TODAY.

And he, too, echoed the sentiment that we have to be willing to change our minds based off new information.

But here’s the rub…

Where do we get this new information?

It’s definitely not coming from the status quo.

It’s coming from the disruptors.

It’s coming from the radical thinkers the mainstream rejects.

It’s people like Harry Dent.

And as I’ve been saying these past few days… that is the magic of the Irrational Economic Summit.

It’s getting exposure to all the things you WON’T hear on TV or in the newspaper. And If we’re willing to be open-minded… if we’re willing to ask ourselves where am I wrong?… and if we’re willing to believe what the data is telling us (instead of our emotions)…

That is how we can take advantage of the profit opportunities ahead of us!

The Next Great Flood

If you’ve been following Harry for any period of time, you know that he’s predicting a major crash.

But he’s not the only one.

Lacy Hunt showed the rather terrifying evidence of the effects debt is having on the global markets.

Neil Howe showed us the generational rhythms show we are entering into the Fourth Turnrning… the crisis phase that comes before the Golden Age.

David Stockman said we’re about to enter into a time period like the great biblical flood… a great reset where the world is wiped clean and we can start again.

And we’ll be the first do admit we don’t know exactly WHEN it’s going to happen… but it could happen a lot sooner than we think.


It’s coming.

All of the data we’ve seen here over the past three days paints a convincing picture that this future is coming.

But are you willing to believe it?

I know I do. And I’m taking steps to protect myself from this crash and take profit from the disruption.

-Jake Hoffberg