Did We Really Do It? Have We Found a Cure for Cancer?

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) always gets a bad rap, no thanks to movies like the Terminator series or I, Robot. But today, this kind of technology is being used for good, not evil.

Scientists at Berg, a Boston based biotech firm backed by billionaire Carl Berg, have spent the last six years perfecting an artificial intelligence platform that they believe will soon crack the cancer code.

Why is artificial intelligence needed for this? Well, for starters, this technology will be able to read over 14 trillion data points from just one tissue sample.  It is physically impossible to go through that kind of data with the traditional hypothesis-driven models used by humans.

We go much deeper than just analyzing the human genome,” Berg explains. “We look at all the genes in a tissue sample, all the proteins, metabolites, lipids, patient records, demographics, age, sex, gender…

You get the picture.  If there is a data point about your body, they grab it, stick it into their interrogative biology platform, let it crunch the data, and bingo… say goodbye to cancer.

What it ends up generating is something very similar to a 3D map of an airline route.  Only in this case the hub cities and destinations are genes and proteins.

The way Berg explains it, this A.I. will “correct” cellular pathways. Imagine an airplane that ends up in Oklahoma when it’s supposed to be in Dallas. Like a route map would correct the error, this new technology will hijack our biology to put everything in its right place.

Using this technology, scientists will be able to better understand the higher-level relationship between these data points and create actionable “biomarkers” that are custom-tuned to your body, allowing for precision medicine diagnosis and treatments.

Leveraging this technology has allowed Berg to develop a drug called BPM 31510 that will essentially “re-program” the metabolism of cancer cells.  This re-teaches those cells to undergo apoptosis, or cell death… killing the cancer off naturally!

The drug is currently undergoing clinical trials. When it’s released, it will ultimately erase the need for damaging and expensive chemotherapy.  That will flip the cancer therapy industry on its head, and hopefully save a lot more lives.

While Berg isn’t a company you can invest in directly, I’ve got my eye on related side plays involving chip manufacturing and artificial intelligence that will allow us to profit on these developments. I’ll send specifics to subscribers of my BioTech Intel Trader service… and continue to keep you updated on the most relevant news in health and biotech.

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