The Results of an Economic Acid Test

I recorded this video at our Irrational Economic Summit this year but decided to only share it today because I wanted to see how the midterms shook out.

They shook out as I expected.

So, today’s a good day to talk to you about the acid test for any economy in the world.

Dr. Lacy Hunt is one of my favorite classically trained economists, and yet he really understands the economy, which is why we ask him to speak at our conference every year.

He understands how debt bubbles build and how they deleverage.

He’s not one of those heads-in-the-clouds, never-had-sex kind of economists! He genuinely gets it.

And he always wows the audience!

He is the creator of this acid test and it offers an incredibly disturbing insight into the economy right now. Listen to my latest video for the details…

And then look out for an email from me soon on how third world economies are faring on this acid test.


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