The Never-Ending Bull Market Is Back

Hey there.

It’s been a little bit since you’ve heard from me, as Teresa and Coty have been holding down the Economy & Markets editorial fort, but I come to you this Saturday by request.

You see, I work pretty closely with Charles Sizemore, who in turnrn has worked with Harry and Rodney for years. You hear from Charles, who is Dent Research’s Chief Retirement Strategist, here occasionally and now more regularly in The Rich Investor free e-letter.

Well, Charles is now getting ready to share details of the exciting trading service he’s been running for just about a year.

He calls it “The Never-Ending Bull Market.”

One of my jobs is to read every word Charles writes about the markets, investing, or whatever, and edit as necessary, which he might joke is kind of scary — to be inside his mind — or to read that many words. Or maybe he’ll just make a joke about Texas or Peru, where he splits time living with his family.

This gets to my point…

Charles is as straight a shooter as they come, while keeping a pretty damn good sense of humor and a fantastic pulse on the markets. Sometimes, he might be too honest, if you know what I mean.

His latest doctor’s visit.

Music tastes from before my time.

TCU football score updates.

Even what other Charles Sizemores on the internrnet are doing. Hint: If they show up on a Google news alert, it’s generally not good.

I say this in the nicest way possible, and maybe it’s more indicative of my assumptions than anything, but you’d have no idea Charles graduated from the prestigious London School of Economics, until you start listening to him talk about the markets, and his perspective on history.

For that reason, he’s a guy I trust, and he’s completely approachable at the same time. He’s also an entertaining and informative writer.

I don’t like to impose more than I think necessary, but every so often I’ll ask Charles an “offline” question, like how best to pay less taxes when saving for retirement, one of his favorite topics, or I’ll seek his thoughts on the stock price of streaming media service Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU), a favorite of mine.

The point is this: I’d read Charles’ stuff even if I didn’t have to. His responses to me are just the same as he gives his readers in frequent Q-and-A sessions. He tries to respond to each and every reader, which a lot of people don’t do.

So, consider yourself lucky that all you have to do is pay attention to this space over the next few weeks, and when you see a link for his Never-Ending Bull Market presentation, click it and hear what he has to say.

The market is going through some crazy times right now. Even I know that, but Charles was on top of it before most. His value and momentum trading system signaled to go into hedge mode more than a month ago.

That move was designed to not only protect readers from this potentially perilous time in the markets, but also to make money all the while, an idea that Harry and Rodney have shared here and in Boom & Bust recently, too.

That’s the idea behind Charles’ Never-Ending Bull Market, so don’t miss your ticket to join the ride.

Stay here for more details. And in the meantime, answer this question for me:

What are you doing right now to prepare for retirement? Are you…

  1. Investing in the stock market?
  2. Scrimping and saving every penny you can?
  3. Finding as many income streams as possible?
  4. Losing sleep over market volatility and its impact on your retirement savings?
  5. Ignoring the problem hoping it will go away?

Email us at, and share details.

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