Exhausting, but So Very Worth It

This mornrning, when my alarm went off, I didn’t even get out of bed! Even though I knew I had to wrap up our final day of conference events, and that I didn’t have much time before Teresa, our Editorial Director, reached out to see if I was still alive, I simply couldn’t stop staring at the ceiling.

I lay there for a good 20 minutes, needing the time to collect my thoughts.

The past three days have been a whirlwind, and my head is spinning from the nonstop relay of information I received from all of our different speakers.

But, what else would you expect after experiencing over 30 hours of investment advice from some of the best financial minds in the world?

It’s been exhausting, to say the least, but so very worth it at the same time.

Clearly, I made it out of bed eventually (well, kind of – thank goodness for my laptop), so here’s a recap of yesterday afternrnoon…

When I wrote you last, Howard Lindzon, the CEO of StockTwits, was telling our audience that right now is the best time ever to be an active investor.

Think about it.

We’re the largest social networking society to have ever lived, where all the information that you need to see whether a stock is “trending now” or not is a simple Google search away. And apps have made interconnectivity among traders even easier, with many functioning as messaging boards that let you in on the pulse of the financial markets.

It’s this type of information that could help you find the next Amazon or Facebook to invest in, and that’s exactly what Howard wants to help his users achieve.

After hearing from Howard, Andrew Pancholi of Fidelis Capital closed the show with his talk on why 2017 is the year of reckoning. He started right off by telling everyone that we’ve officially entered the “Danger Zone!”

See, by now you should know that the markets aren’t at all random – in fact, they follow precise patternrns of behavior that can be tracked years in advance (just like Harry’s been saying for the past three decades).

This is exactly what Andrew’s figured out how to do, using something that he calls his Market Timing Report. And it’s currently showing that by this time next year, the economy will have completely bottomed out.

But, here’s the silver lining.

There are great opportunities to be had in this kind of environment. The problem that most investors run into is that they either get in too early and their accounts run out, or they get in too late and miss the boat entirely.

That’s where the Market Timing Report comes in.

Following a quick coffee break, we jumped right into our second day of workshops. As I said yesterday, I knew that I wanted to stop in and see what Lacy had in store for our Network members.

Here are some take away points from that workshop…

  • To be successful, you have to know that conventional Federal Reserve wisdom is almost always wrong.
  • If we go into negative interest rates here in the U.S., expect the $100 bill to go the way of the Dodo.
  • Savers are the unintended punching bag of easy-money manipulation – and it’s wreaking havoc on the lower and middle classes.
  • And there’s one main flaw driving the entire Keynesian way of thinking. If altered, it could have prevented the whole of the Great Depression.

I also stopped in to visit Mike Salas from CipherLoc Corporation, who held a crazy presentation on the transformation of the cybersecurity industry. I’ll admit that a lot of what he had to say went over my head, but the main point that I was able to take away is that the Internrnet was not built with security in mind.

That’s why Mike accepts the reality of Internrnet usage: security breaches are inevitable. But, there are things that you can do to keep your data unintelligible, and thus unusable, in the event that it gets stolen.

So stop throwing away thousands of dollars on useless cybersecurity, and instead start focusing your efforts into encrypting what you have. Mike can show you how.

At the very end of the night, there was a closing cocktail reception and a book signing with Harry. Our attendees loved the one-on-one time that they got to spend with him there, and you could tell that Harry got a kick out of it, too.

Harry signing his new book, The Sale of a Lifetime

That’s one of the best things about him, in my opinion. Harry’s always eager to talk to his readers, whether they’re old or young, whether they’re fresh on the financial scene or have decades of experience under their belt. And when he gets to meet them face to face, you can clearly see how passionate he is about helping them succeed.

The past three days have been an invaluable experience for me and everyone else who attended or LIVE Streamed the event. It’s not one any of us will ever forget.

Tomorrow I’ll give you a wrap-up of the entire event, but for now I think I’ll sit outside and enjoy some of this sunny Florida weather before heading back home to Pennsylvania.

Until tomorrow,

Jen Junggust

Your 2016 IES On-the-Ground Reporter