Fast Tracking Your Money

You can hear commentary around the room centering on market collapse, global markets, and demographic trends. When Harry Dent or Rodney Johnson walk into the room, they are surrounded and bombarded with questions about investments, asset protection and if you have enough for retirement.

After two days of listening to some of the savviest financial experts, you can feel the confidence in the room. You see that people are already planning how their financial decisions will change when they get home and sit down to look over their portfolios, investments and retirement packages.

Yesterday wrapped up with two strong workshops by Don Hosmer of Royale Energy and Chris Gaffney of Everbank. Yes, both of these gentlemen made presentations earlier in the day, but during their workshops they moved away from their initial broad presentation and honed in on financial specifics.

Hosmer gave some pretty fascinating information regarding 3-D Seismic Prospects and the profitable future in Alaska on the North Slope. The slides were impressive. Gaffney then stepped to the podium and brought the second day of the Irrational Economic Summit to a close with an insightful presentation on how rising interest rates affect the global recovery. He wrapped up with some definitively targeted advice on how to safeguard your profits.

I hope these updates have brought you some useful information and that, next year, you’ll join us to get the real time value of our summits. In the meantime, take a moment to register for On-Demand access to this year’s event and gain immediate access to every moment of these three days on any device, at anytime and anywhere. When you do, not only will you get to see what was said on the first two days, but you’ll also hear what’s going on today…

With the sun shining brightly and the sand on the beach feeling soft, the Irrational Economic Summit began the mornrning with an extremely sharp knife…

Joe Wirbick, President of Sequinox literally pulled out a very sharp and useful Swiss Army Knife in his presentation. Just like the real knife, his had several tools he could pull out of it. You can’t use them to cut a rope or tighten a screw… but you can use them to apply to your retirement package or to help you avoid market loss.

Shortly after, there came a fiery presentation by Jeff Opdyke of the Sovereign Society. He’s known for his no-holds-barred comments regarding the real state of our economy and his view on the numbers behind poverty, governrnment benefits and unemployment. His broad view on global investments was very illuminating. It’s about looking at the mundane details that no one looks at that prove the most valuable.

Following protection mode, John Del Vecchio CFA, Portfolio Manager, Ranger Alternrnative Management LP, wanted to help everyone by giving specific red flags to watch for when dealing with someone who is taking your money for investments. His initial question: “Are you getting fleeced?” caught everyone’s attention. So are YOU getting fleeced?

When you see it via our On-Demand exclusive URL, you will lean forward and pay close attention as well, just like everyone in the audience did today. So don’t delay in registering for access because you have a little less than 72 hours and counting until this opportunity closes. And once it has, it goes straight into our vault and will not be available again.

Charles Biderman, CEO of TrimTabs, stepped up to the podium next. I must say, if you haven’t been lucky enough to see him speak, you’ve missed something truly great. The crowd was in the palm of his hand. He’s the funny uncle at family dinner that tells it like it is, like it or not. Yet his humor veiled some pretty harsh truths about our economy and the people that are running it.

I’m being told I have to wrap this up for today so we can get it out to you. And I still have so many people I’m looking forward to hearing this afternrnoon. But I do promise, I’ll put together a great flashback for Monday and cover more than a few of today’s presentations and my favorite highlights of the past three days.

Your conference insider,

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Liza Flores