Dow Down 831 Points Yesterday Is This the Beginning of the End?

What a difference a day makes!

The Dow lost 831 points yesterday.

Is this it?

Is this the start of the greatest crash in our lifetimes?

Listen to my market update video to find out.

There are two scenarios: either we have a sudden crash into late 2018/early 2019 or we survive this correction and continue to new highs into 2019. If the latter, then a massive crash is likely to unfold late next year.

The thing is, we have not yet broken critical levels in the market. I explain what this means to you and what I think we’ll see next in my market update video.

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And be sure to read today’s issue of The Rich Investor. Lee Lowell, our options expert, has some important information to share with you about the slide we saw yesterday.


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Harry Dent

Bestselling author and founder of Dent Research, an affiliate of Charles Street Research. Dent developed a radical new approach to forecasting the economy; one that revolved around demographics and innovation cycles.