Stimulus Shock

I’m back in Puerto Rico after my near month of travel to Australia and then New York, and while I’m still exhausted, I’m glad to be back in the saddle and catching up on the news. And let me tell you: The news has not been good.

Let’s look at governrnment stimulus… have you seen these figures lately? How can people not get the simple fact that no matter how much stimulus we’re dealing with, we keep slumping backwards. I mean, look at these numbers: 2% growth in the U.S., 1% in Europe, 0% in Japan. How can people not see that something is wrong here? We should be at 8% with this kind of stimulus.

We’ve been declining, and we’re filling that decline with Quantitative Easing. And that, my friends, is a recipe for long-term disaster.

So that’s at the top of my craw this week, but there’s a whole lot Dent Research senior research analyst Dave Okenquist and I had to cover in my returnrn to the Rant saddle. Markets, stock buybacks… the whole nine yards. But the biggest things are these stimulus packages and the consequences we’ll face as a result of the propping up the governrnment’s been doing to save face. Buckle up.