The Backlash Against Globalization

There’s a big thing happening here, and many have understated it.

Some have flat-out ignored it.

In his latest bit of business, Trump met with Putin in Helsinki.

And there’s been a whirlwind of commentary and backlash regarding the matter.

Sure, it may not have been one of Trump’s finer moments. He may have wavered between one comment and another, claiming one thing then denying it altogether.

For a man who has “the impulse control of a grease fire,” it’s no surprise.

Though the meeting has implications of its own, this is not the problem…

Neither is the crackdown on trade with China, among other nations…

Or the clamp-down on immigration, which is being handled terribly…

These all feed into the larger issue at hand.

Globalization is under siege. And Trump is leading the charge in America.

He’s serving as the American equivalent to Brexit.

What many fail to recognize is the impact, along with benefits, that globalization has had on the U.S.

Of course, there are those nations who have taken advantage of our policies and past presidents…

And Trump serves as the restoration to some semblance of fairnrness in the world of global trade.

But how will his methods affect America, and the larger problem at hand, the economy?

Harry digs into this situation in his latest rant.

Click here, or the video below, to hear what Harry has to say…