Global Trends, Market Red Flags & Rare Money-Making Ideas: IES Wrap-Up

The 7th Annual Irrational Economic Summit has officially come to an end. This by far was the best, most contrarian event yet.

With over 260 attendees filling the conference rooms each day and another 250+ livestream viewers, savvy investors got direct access to strategies and insights from the brightest Wall Street analysts and economists in the world.


And the NEXTMERICA panel Saturday afternrnoon with Harry Dent, Lacy Hunt, Ph.D., and Keith Kaplan, President of financial technology firm, TradeSmith was proof of that. The brilliant trio took investment questions from the audience and led an interesting discussion on where to put your money to reduce your tax exposure. If paying taxes on your gains is a nagging worry you have, then get the full transcript of their guidance, right here.

John Del Vecchio

But when it comes to uncovering those Hidden Fortunes years before everyone else, forensic accountant turnrned stock-picking guru, John Del Vecchio is the guy to ask. His 2020 stock to buy had the audience excited at its potential, especially because it takes advantage of an obscure Supreme Court ruling, giving investors a little-known way to tap into a $150 billion industry. That’s why you need to get the ticker symbol and put this stock on your buy list now. Click here to request John’s entire presentation.

Seven-Figure Nest Egg

Day 3 ended on yet another high note with a panel discussion focused on building a seven-figure nest egg for retirement. Peak Income editor, Charles Sizemore, Keith Kaplan, and John Del Vecchio detailed under-the-radar strategies you can use to maximize your profits, even in a severe market downturnrn. But the crowd was blown away by a question asked by one of the attendees, an 18-year-old college freshman. Keith’s response is exactly why going to the Irrational Economic Summit is the event to attend to secure your financial future.

There’s still time left to get direct access to all of the presentations, slide decks, transcripts, and behind-the-scenes interviews with all of the editors. Plus, a host of additional bonuses when you purchase yours today.

Grabbing the IES On-Demand video kit is the wisest thing to do to strategically position yourself to profit in 2020 and beyond. Click here to get the video kit at the lowest price.