This is Going to Be a Doozy!

Harry Dent

Tomorrow, October 20, we start our annual Irrational Economic Summit… and it’s likely to be the timeliest one yet.

Stocks broke an important level on Thursday, October 13, and this week it could break down harder (if Thursday’s drop wasn’t just another Wall Street head fake).

China’s real estate market has gone into a clear orgasmic blow-off stage, what with the governrnment having made lending so easy in an attempt to offset the massive stock crash of last year.

Deutsche Bank is going down in flames and Italy is facing 18% bad loans and rising.

And the Trump/Clinton all-star wrestling match has gone bonkers!

For all of these reasons, and then dozens more, I can’t wait to hear what some of my favorite speakers at this year’s Summit have to say. I mean, when it comes to really understanding debt and financial asset bubbles and how free market systems really work, these guys are the best of the best!

Our keynote on Thursday is David Walker. I’ve met him on the road twice now, and each time we’ve enjoyed great conversations.

He’s the premier expert on the long-term budget crisis in the U.S. Formally the U.S. comptroller, he has insights most don’t. And having worked with billionaire Pete Peterson’s foundation as the key spokesman for years, he has proved himself a force to be reckoned with. I’m excited to see him take the stage at 3:45 p.m. I’ve even more excited about our panel discussion that will start at 4:25 p.m. (If you’re not joining us in Florida, be sure to request LIVE Stream access so you don’t miss this!)

George Gilder will be back on stage for us on Friday at 4 p.m.

I think it was around 1999 when I debated him at a major conference. What a visionary! He’s the premier expert on how the exponential growth of technologies drives our economy, and why failure is necessary to the success of such technologies and the very dynamics of the free market system. And of course, like David Stockman and I, he sees central banks killing the golden goose with current policies.

He’s spoken at previous Irrational Economic Summits and I know he’s going to impress again this year!

Lacy Hunt is joining us again. He’s spoken at our Summit a few times before, and always had a great reception!

He’s a very rare classical economist that understands debt bubbles, while also being a real world manager of a very successful bond fund that has been right on the deflationary side of the debates for years.

Then there’s Raoul Pal, who’s interviewed me several times for Real Vision TV, his brainchild. He’s an out-of-the box speaker that has encountered more leading edge minds than I can count. I’m very eager to see what he has to say at this critical point in the economy and markets.

And of course our broad team of investment strategists will be there to offer creative ways to play this once-in-a-lifetime great reset in debt and financial assets over the next several years. Few people are going to play the field right in the months and years ahead. Their biases and misinformation has led them over the edge of the cliff onto a platform made of flimsy tissue paper. As the crisis unfolds, they’ll suddenly find themselves plunging to the bottom.

Not our team. They’ve been testing and back testing their strategies for decades. They’re not wearing any rose-colored glasses. They’re removed all biases and strive each and every day to overcome misinformation. There is no one I know more dedicated to helping you invest wisely and safely than the team at Dent Research.

But we want to go beyond helping you survive this great reset. We want to help you make generational wealth. And that’s the focus of my new book, The Sale of a Lifetime. It’s also the focus on my presentations at the conference.

The world will be very different coming out of this next and greatest financial crisis. There will be strong investment opportunities, but they’ll be much more limited than in past long-term bottoms (like in late 1932 and late 1982).

If you’ll be at the conference tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, bring your copy of my book with you and I’ll autograph it.

Other highlights of my presentation include the current political circus and why Brexit is just the beginning of the peak of globalization… and the huge geopolitical fallout we face as a result.

I look forward to talking with you at the conference. If you couldn’t make it out to sunny Florida, then I hope to see you via LIVE Streaming.



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Harry Dent

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