Some Housekeeping Before We Start our Irrational Economic Summit

By Teresa vd Barselaar at Irrational Economic Summit 2017

Tomorrow at noon Easternrn we kick off our fifth Irrational Economic Summit at the Nashville Airport Marriott in Tennessee!

People from all over the country have already begun streaming in to meet, greet and learnrn from each other and the panel of 16 industry experts and business gurus we’ve got lined up.

Harry will be the first speaker up at 1:25 p.m. (EST) and he’ll be talking about how to turnrn the greatest political and financial upheaval in modernrn history to your advantage.

Next will come Brendan Kennedy. He’s CEO of Privateer Holdings and he’ll be talking about how to invest in legal cannabis.

At 4:15 p.m. Michael Terpin, Founder and CEO of Transform Group, will take the stage to tell attendees and LIVE Stream viewers about how to invest in the upcoming $5 trillion asset class – Bitcoin, blockchain, and Initial Coin Offerings.

Our keynote speaker this year is Stephen Sandford, author of The Gravity Well and former director of space technology at NASA Langley Research Center. He’s going to be discussing how the stars will make America great again… and the investment opportunities this will present to you.

And after his talk he’ll do a book signing, so if you’re joining us, remember to bring your copy of The Gravity Well along.

If we’re not joining us in person, make sure you’re watching via LIVE Stream. And read your emails from me each day.

I’ll be your eyes and ears on the ground this year and will be contacting you at least twice a day until the end of the conference to keep you apprised of events and revelations!

But I don’t want this to be a one-sided affair.

I want to hear from you. Often. Whether you’re attending in person, watching via LIVE Stream, or following my daily emails.

Ask questions and share insights, especially as you listen to the speakers. I’m just one person. I won’t be able to catch it all, so I’m relying on you to help.

You can reach me at

And follow me and the rest of the team on Twitter and Facebook. Engage with us there, using #iesnashville.

Our Twitter handle is @economymarkets.

Our Facebook page is here (Economy and Markets)

Tomorrow mornrning, before we start, I’ll email you the agenda so you can see what’s coming up over the next three days. You can also find that information on our Irrational Economic Summit website.

One last piece of housekeeping: If you’re not joining us in person in Nashville, be sure you’re signed up to watch IES via LIVE Stream.

Before signing off for today, I have one more piece of information to share. On Saturday, I asked you to tell me what the one thing was that you’re looking forward to most about the Summit. I put that question to the team and speakers as well. Here’s some of the responses I got…

The One Thing…

Harry Dent said:

I’m most excited about Michael Terpin’s presentation on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The more I learnrn about this blockchain technology the more I see it as a long-term trend that may cure the internrnet’s security problems, especially on financial transactions. I see the internrnet hitting a wall over hackers and security, sooner rather than later. This has the potential for faster, more secure, and lower costs financial transactions, the second phase of the Internrnet Revolution.

From Mark Gordon:

I’m excited to share stories and exchange ideas with conference attendees! Although as a presenter my role is to impart knowledge, I usually find that I gain valuable knowledge and insights from my sidebar exchanges with attendees. Given the power-packed lineup of presenters and the quality of the attendees expected at this year’s Irrational Economic Summit, my expectations for both delivering and gaining take-home value are extremely high!

Rodney Johnson said:

Pot. Not to smoke it, but to understand the different angles available for getting involved in the industry, particularly for medicinal purposes. Cannabis can provide relief from a wide range of health issues without any of the psychotropic side effects, and at a very reasonable cost. As the Boomers get older, I think they’ll demand more reasonable care options, and this will fit the bill.

Lance Gaitan wrote:

Since my outlook on Treasury bonds is short-term, I’m looking forward to hearing Lacy Hunt’s view on the long-term outlook for Treasuries. I hope to get his insight as to the future of the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governrnors (especially who he thinks will be appointed Chair).

Lacy Hunt said:

For me, it’s always about the interaction with the participants. IES attendees are knowledgeable investors and they take investing seriously. They ask challenging questions that help me to move my thought process forward. I’m anxious to hear what’s on their minds.

Charles Sizemore said:

I’m really looking forward to unveiling a new stock trading model for our readers. We’re taking the best of value investing and combining it with the best of momentum investing, and the results are powerful. We’ve never had a market like today, so standard financial advice isn’t likely to work.

Andrew Pancholi said:

Last year’s conference was great. While I enjoyed listening to the other speakers, I found the attendees to be fascinating. So this year, I’m most looking forward to meeting those who’ll be in Nashville with us.

And some of the emails I got over the weekend (thanks all who wrote in)…

From Pamela L.:

I won’t be attending live this year, but look forward to seeing the live stream on Odyssey Marine Exploration in deep-water mining, and Brendan Kennedy from Privateer Holdings investing exclusively in legalized pot.

Ciaran M. wrote:

Some things I’d like to hear more about are whether or not we should be worrying about global and sovereign debt and how we should protect our portfolios against it? Also, algorithmic trading programs: Does an individual investor without these tools stand a chance in the markets? And should a gold-backed crypto currency be an important part of a portfolio?…

Ash P. said:

As a new Network member, the one thing I’m most interested in is meeting the team face-to-face. I use almost all the team’s research services in my family’s financial planning so I’m looking forward to connecting with them one-on-one. That said, there’s plenty of other interesting people on the agenda and I look forward to listening and learnrning from them.

From Ralph B.:

There’s going to be a great venue of speakers at this conference, but I’m really looking forward to meeting the guys I count on for direction with Dent Research’s numerous portfolios, on a daily basis.

And from Ted M.:

By far, the most interesting topic for me is the Gravity Well and space exploration. Second place is Lance Gaitan’s profiting from interest rate volatility.

For me, that one thing I’m most looking forward to if you.

I’ll be back again tomorrow mornrning, live from the Nashville Airport Marriott.


P.S. Thank you to all who started the Irrational Economic Summit conversation with me on Saturday.