In a Word: Powerful

Teresa vd Barselaar | Friday, November 08, 2013 >>

So we’re almost done with our Irrational Economic Summit this year.

Talk about a whirlwind experience that has left us all with powerful insights about the economy…

Powerful new investment and business strategies…

Powerful financial recommendations to implement immediately.

The 320+ attendees who spent the last three days with us at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines are now armed with everything they need to not only survive the coming stock market crash in early 2014… but they now know how to prosper through it all as well.

They know where to find real estate opportunities that don’t require much up-front capital…

They know how to protect their assets…

And they know what opportunities exist both on and offshore.

Here’s a snapshot of what we heard yesterday afternrnoon and this mornrning…


After lunch yesterday, Frank Trotter, president of EverBank Direct and CEO of EverBank Wealth Management, got things started. He showed the crowd how to develop a global-driven investment plan…

And he revealed the five top currencies for 2014. These include the Norwegian krone, Canadian dollar, Singapore dollar, Australian dollar and a currency that surprised the crowd. (Hint: It’s not the U.S. dollar or Mexican peso.)

Next up was Josh Jenkins-Robbins, the co-founder and managing partner of Performance Financial Institute, who dispelled the biggest myths that could be holding you back financially.

The audience was stunned when he revealed an investment that nearly every attendee holds and that is likely robbing you blind… and he also revealed why it’s critical to your financial future that you develop a tax-efficient approach to planning for your retirement.

Josh’s talk alone could save – and make – you tens of thousands of dollars in the next year.

Our speakers this mornrning have certainly kept the intensity going.

  • First thing, Phillip Anderson, author and managing director of Economic Indicator Services, shared explosive details about the future of the real estate market that left the crowd sitting in stunned silence. This is absolutely game-changing information that you don’t want to miss.
  • Dr. Lacy Hunt, Ph. D., executive vice president of Hoisington Investment Management, pulled back the curtain of monetary and fiscal folly to reveal the rather grim view of a global debt disaster and U.S. economic calamity on the horizon. Forewarnrned is forearmed they say, so this information puts all who’ve heard it in a position of strength while 99% of the world will suffer the inevitable.

But while we’re wrapping up today, we’re not done yet. We still have two great speakers lined up this afternrnoon. And even after two exhausting, exhilarating days, everyone here can’t wait to hear what Jeff Opdyke and Mark Galasiewski have to say.

I’ll share details with you tomorrow.

Your conference insider,