Inequality Killed Brazil and It’s Happening Here Too

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Inequality defines Brazilian life: Brazil currently has 12 million people living in favelas or slums. They generate (USD) $12 billion per year in economic activity, equivalent to the GDP of Bolivia. If a state, the favelas would form the fifth most populous Brazilian state; Rio de Janeiro’s favelas alone would comprise, together, the ninth largest city in the country.

There is no need to look any further than Brazil to understand how important navigating your own financial future is for you and your family. When the hinges come off the market and cities across the country struggle to make ends meet, who knows what might happen.

Besides the lack of control we have when things do go spectacularly wrong on a grand scale, we also face the all-too-human problem that we can’t be trusted with our emotions at times like that to act in our financial best interest.

That’s why Adam O’Dell’s Cycle 9 Alert is so popular, and so successful. It removes emotion from the investing equation and brings to bare some critical strategies. It ignores the headlines and instead looks at the information that REALLY counts.

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Drug use is highly concentrated in favelas run by local gangs where dealers host their own baile, or dance party, where many different social classes can be found. These drug sales make up to US$150 million per month.

He’ll be sharing the details with you on Thursday, August 18, at 4 p.m. Easternrn Time. But, you must register to attend this webinar. You can do so here.

His aim, with this webinar, is to show you how the typical investor sucks wind, and then what you can do to change that in your own portfolio!  Don’t miss it, especially because you need this information now more than ever before. Like I started off by saying, Brazil gives us some valuable insights…

The 2016 Summer Olympics kicked into high gear this week as we saw just how bad the situation in Brazil has become.

The country is a mess, there’s no other way to say it –from massive corruption, blistering scandals, a withering economy to basic lawlessness.

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Rio’s Santa Teresa neighborhood features favelas (right) contrasted with affluent houses (left). The Christ the Redeemer, shrouded in clouds, is in the left background. 18-year-old Paula, married, mother of a 2-year-old girl in Santa Teresa, sums up the general feeling: “What I think is bad in the community is the shootings and trafficking, but I have always lived here and I want to stay here because my whole family is close by.”

Despite everything, Brazil has going for it and against it, and that’s a long list, there’s an underpinning of widespread inequality that’s tearing the country apart. Experts believe it is the defining issue for Brazil as it faces a genuinely uncertain future.This is a country with the world’s sixth-largest economy and until a few years ago, it was also one of the world’s fastest growing major markets.

Back home, we face the same crushing problem and Harry has been highlighting this for us over the last few months. In case you haven’t heard, U.S. income equality is already worse than in many Latin American countries.

In fact, 10 countries from the region have better income equality than the U.S. Brazil comes in five spots below the United State’s and the issue is getting nothing but worse here at home.

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In preparation for the Rio Olympics, Brazil for several years has been infiltrating favelas with police and military pacification units. “There is no pacification here,” one resident says. “What we have is a war. Criminals against police, fighting over who are the more powerful the more influential. And who suffers? We do.”

As more and more of our choices are taken from us, it’s important to keep our hands on the tiller of our financial futures. Which is why it pays to register for Adam’s webinar, airing next Thursday (August 8)…and to check below for anything you missed on Economy & Markets with today’s weekly wrap-up.

Monday Charles began by saying what many of us already knew. It’s getting harder to earnrn a buck out there. Stocks are expensive. And while small pockets of value are getting smaller every day, it is still possible to turnrn a decent profit in the equities market. BUT, good investing requires a pro-active approach in this market and that’s why Charles, too, recommends Adam’s Cycle 9 Alert.

Tuesday it was Rodney writing about his déjà vu moment with the last housing bubble and today’s eerily similar housing bubble 2.0.  Little different this time around, but the results are similar. Unfortunately, with stagnating wages and a median U.S. income of $54,000, few remaining Americans can come up with the $300,000 purchase price for the average new home. Rodney advises purchasing less home than you can if you’re buying anytime soon. Just in case, you wind up underwater on your mortgage.

Wednesday Adam O’Dell stepped in tell us how his Cycle 9 members banked a 225% profit in just two months and turnrned $5,000 into $16,250. And it came from the most unlikely of sources… “a left-for-dead silver miner that no one on Wall Street would touch with a 10-foot pole.” A fun story and definitely worth a read.

Thursday Harry wrote to us about the Treasury, dollars and gold… Oh my, he predicts a wild ride in the coming months. No place is safe, he says, well no place is safe to sit on the sidelines in the fiasco to come. Even the hedge funders are being slammed, so when Harry also mentions Adam’s Cycle 9 Alert, he thinks there’s value there you’ll not find anywhere else.

Friday Ben Benoy peeled back the curtain on the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) that received more than $200 million from the White House to fast-track the research that could save the industry, and the country, billions. Using Precision Genome Medicine (PGM) a patient’s genome will tell doctors where to target treatment and eliminate wasted time, money and testing.

And that brought one more week of summer 2016 to an end. Thank you for spending some of that time with us here at Dent Research. Go U.S.A!

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P.S. Just a reminder that Adam O’Dell will be at our Irrational Economics Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida October 20-22. He’ll be on hand to outline his Cycle 9 System with a long list of respectable speakers you may not see anywhere else. Certainly not together, and certainly not at a better time for you to prepare for the shakeout around November elections and whatever new brand of chaos lay spread waiting on us in 2017. But you don’t have to wait that long to hear from him. Register now for his webinar, entitled Why Most Investors Suck Wind (and How to Guarantee You Don’t!), on Thursday, August 18 at 4 p.m. Easternrn Time.



Robert Johnson

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