Interview with Dr. Lacy Hunt

Today I’m going to turnrn my column space over to Senior Research Analyst Dave Okenquist. He just the other day conducted an exceptional interview with Dr. Lacy Hunt.

Lacy is an old friend of mine and the Executive Vice President at the Hoisington Investment Management Company. He’s also a featured speaker at this year’s Irrational Economic Summit. The event is happening October 10-12 at the National Harbor just south of Washington, D.C. (More info on the conference can be found here.)

Where Will we be in 2020?

The two talked about recession fears, what’s causing them – at home and throughout the world – and also a bit about what Lacy thinks will happen politically and economically in 2020.

Dave’s got a few more interviews with IES speakers in the queue. On Monday, we’ll have Gordon Chang, who will certainly have plenty to say about the ongoing negotiations between the Trump administration and China. And on Wednesday, we’re excited to run an interview with David Stockman, Director of the Office of Management and Budget during the Reagan years and our keynote speaker at the Irrational Economic Summit next month.