Is it Really This Simple?

Teresa van den Barselaar | Tuesday, April 23, 2013 >>

The Renaissance Downtown in Phoenix is buzzing with activity as those attending Harry Dent and Rodney Johnson’s Demographic School Conference tomorrow begin to check-in.

Hello, my name is Teresa van den Barselaar.

I work with Harry and Rodney, at Dent Research. For the next two days, I’ll be your eyes and ears, reporting to you from Demographic School.

But what is Demo School all about?

Why the excitement and anticipation?

What do Harry and Rodney know that sets them apart from all the other economists and forecasters out there?

Most importantly, why should you care?


The answer to all those questions is more intuitive than you may think… and can be summed up in one word…


You see, demographics is destiny. It is the future that has already been written. You just need to know how to read it.

Harry and Rodney have dedicated their lives to studying it, analyzing it, making it accessible and user-friendly to people like you and those who attend Demographics School.

And they have proven time and again that demographics are the most accurate predictor of future economic trends.

Armed with this information, you can make life-changing financial, business and investment decisions.

This is a “Crash Course” to Harry’s Research

In many ways, Demographics School is the crash course (or cheat sheet) of all the intense research and hard work Harry and Rodney have done over the last 20-plus years.

It’s something you WON’T get from other economists.

As Harry often says, “Either economists are idiots or they’ve never had sex before!” They seem blinded to the power of people as they age and spend in very predictable ways.

Think about it.

The television commercials aired during Monday Night Football (think beer, potato chips, and cars) are very different from the commercials aired during daytime soap operas (think baby products, diet-related products, and home exercise equipment).

Of course, both of these times slots are different from the commercials aired during the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Dora the Explorer.

That’s because the people watching television during those times are all in different stages of their lives, with very different levels of income and spending needs.

Identifying and understanding the unstoppable wave of changing demographics is the difference between failure and success.

Just ask Harley-Davidson about that.

Harley-Davidson knows its core market. The riders of its iconic chrome-laden motorcycles are almost exclusively white men in their mid-to-late 40s—the classic age for a man to have a mid-life crisis, grow a beard, and wear a dew rag.

The company had a fantastic run supplying its hogs to Baby Boomer men as they went through this stage of their lives. But then, suddenly, it all came crashing to a halt. Harley has had a terrible time growing its sales in the post-2008 economy and not just because unemployment is high or credit is tight.

As Alex Taylor wrote in the September 17, 2010 edition of Fortune, Harley-Davidson is “struggling against a foe that not even cost cutting or brand loyalty can overcome: demographics. Its current owners are getting old, and not enough younger ones are coming up behind them.”

(Harry and Rodney have analyzed the Harley Davidson case in great detail. You’ll find part one of their three part video series in your Survive & Prosper issue tomorrow.)

That is what Demographics School is all about.

I Have Some Good News…

We’re recording the entire two day event here in Phoenix.

I have no doubt everything Harry and Rodney cover will help you…

Be successful in business… in your investments… and with your financial decisions.

Because when you know who’s spending what, where, and when – you can make smart decisions on what is likely to occur next.

The only catch is…

They’re covering so much that I won’t be able to keep up. I’m just one person after all.

But it’s still possible for you to hear everything they say from the podium.

You simply need to reserve your online audio recording from the 2013 Demographic School by clicking here.

I’ll be reporting to you from Phoenix with some of the details as Harry and Rodney pull back the curtain.

Till tomorrow then.

Your conference insider,

Demographics School April 2013, Phoenix, AZ.

P.S. My emails to you over the next few days will give you some of what you need to know. But like I said, I’m only one person. I can’t possibly report on everything Harry and Rodney will say over the next two days. Don’t worry though. We’re recording this conference so you can hear all the crucial details for yourself. I’m here and I’ve already secured my copy so I can listen to it over and over again.I urge you to reserve your copy now as well. Don’t wait for the last minute rush. Do it right now.



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