It's a Mad Market: Live from the Irrational Economic Summit

As you know, this week myself and the Dent Research team are at the National Harbor outside Washington DC for the 7th annual Irrational Economic Summit. Festivities kicked off Thursday, and it was simply a great day – and Friday and Saturday should be just as wonderful. (You can get fully caught up, and even watch the livestream, by clicking here.) I can’t thank our team enough for the hard work they’ve put into this year’s event. Everything has been above and beyond.

One thing that I love about the Irrational Economic Summit is that it gets everybody at Dent together. We telecommute – Rodney’s in Texas; I’m in Puerto Rico; Charles splits his time between America and Peru – we’re everywhere! So when we are able to get together and catch up on what we’ve been seeing (and what we expect to see moving forward!), it’s a welcome change. I loved being back in the room with Dent’s senior research analyst Dave Okenquist for this Friday rant.

We talked about the markets and politics – a few of our favorite things. In both cases, it’s not fully clear where we are headed.

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Market

We’re changing things up a bit this week while we’re at IES 2019 as we get to interview Harry Dent in person. From bitcoin’s movement to potential presidential impeachment, Harry breaks down the week’s news and the markets’ recent chaotic behavior.

Posted by Economy and Markets on Friday, October 11, 2019