It’s Just Too Much to Absorb

Teresa vd Barselaar | Thursday, November 07, 2013 >>

To say we’re surrounded my smart men and women right now is grossly understating the environment here in sunny La Jolla.

For starters, Harry and Rodney’s presentations yesterday were mind-blowing… perspective-changing and eye-opening.

And after George Gilder’s keynote presentation yesterday I now know why Harry calls him “a rare genius.” He truly understands how critical entrepreneurs are to our progress and why failure is just as important as success to the innovation process. And he revealed details on the country leading the world in innovative technology.

While I can’t tell you which country it is – that wouldn’t be fair to the 320 people who paid over $3,000 to get here – I can tell you it’s a place where Russia and China are investing… and it’s a place you might want to consider to.

Today’s first speaker kept the momentum going…


Adam Took The Stage…

The algorithm Adam O’Dell created for his Cycle 9 Alert trading service accurately predicts where specific stocks are going with a 78% win-rate. He does this by finding what he calls “90-day kinetic cycles”… which is a brief 90-day window of opportunity when a stock is likely to move in a predictable direction.

As he talked today, Adam had the crowd scribbling when he revealed the simple way to identify a trend. It’s a little “trick” that anyone can use to predict if a stock is going to go up or down.

And let me tell you, with the success of his Cycle 9 Alert service it’s not surprising that his 8 a.m. session was in front of a full house.

Just how good is his track record? Well, on Monday, before leaving for our summit, Adam used his proprietary strategy to close another triple digit winner for his subscribers. This time they had the opportunity to collect 212% gains.

I don’t have space to share every detail here, but Adam certainly showed the crowd how to safely book steady market profits, even in this Economic Winter Season. It’s important you too benefit from what Adam said this mornrning.

Highlights from today include…

  • At 8:45, Eddie Speed, one of the country’s leading real estate investors, revealed the three hidden trends that will completely change how you invest in real estate. Forget becoming a landlord and all the headaches that go with that. Forget the old buy-and-hold-for-long-term-appreciation mentality. Forget the latest stats about the property market’s performance. Eddie has a better way to make money… without putting up much cash or having to deal with the hassles of getting a bank loan.
  • Around 9:50 a.m. Doug Lodmell, a managing partner at the nation’s leading asset protection law firm shattered myths about estate planning, tax planning, and asset protection to the 320+ attendees… but it’s when he revealed startlingly simple steps you can take today to shield and grow your wealth that you’ll definitely want to hear. Reserve an audio file of Doug’s talk by clicking here.
  • At 10:30 a.m. Sally Hogshead the world’s leading fascination expert took the stage. With two internrnationally acclaimed books and clients like Intel, GE and Intuit, everyone in the Hilton’s ballroom discovered how she teaches individuals how to communicate and captivate in a world where everyone has a nine-second attention span.
  • And before lunch, Don Hosmer, President and CEO of Royale Energy Inc., showed us how to profit with low cost energy reserves using money we’d otherwise pay out in Federal and state income taxes. How can anyone say no to that?

After lunch, we’ll hear from Frank Trotter, president of EverBank Direct and CEO of EverBank Wealth Management, about taking a global approach to markets. And Josh Jenkins-Robbins, of the Performance Financial Institute, will take us step-by-step along the precarious journrney toward financial freedom.

But more on that tomorrow. For now we’ve run out of space and time, so until then…

Your conference insider,