Little-Known, Market-Tested Strategies to Grow Your Money: Live from IES

Yesterday kicked off Day 1 of the 2019 Irrational Economic Summit, and was by far one of the best days since this event started in 2012.

Mark Yusko

If you have even a dime of your money in the market, the research-backed insights from Morgan Creek Capital Management’s CEO Mark Yusko, alone, could get you in the right investments to make money well into the future. While some analysts are sounding the alarm on cryptocurrency, Mark’s unique perspective could have you cashing in big on blockchain technologies.

“We’re moving out of the internrnet as we know it and into what I call ‘trustnet’. And when you understand what this is, you’ll know why I say blockchain cannot be ignored,” Mark detailed in his hour-long presentation.

Want to know exactly what Mark’s must-buy recommendations are? Get the full video kit right now and carefully study his slide deck. Pay particularly close attention to the fifteenth slide!

David Stockman

David Stockman, the Father of Reaganomics, wrapped Day 1 up. And he did not disappoint.

“We are in 124 months of the longest, weakest, sickest economic expansion in history. I expect a recession within the next year,” Stockman warnrned.

And he had lots of irrefutable economic proof to prove that the financial downturnrn coming our way could be the most catastrophic yet. Especially when you take the GDP 10-year rolling average that almost topped out at 4% in the roaring 1950s.

Now, we’re barely breaking 1.5% with the trend dropping faster than the interest rates.

I’d strongly recommend requesting access to his presentation to make sure you’re in the right financial positions well before the bubble bursts.

The night ended with a lively welcome reception. Attendees got to mix and mingle with all the gurus and speakers. This is the only event I know that brings together the brightest economic and investing minds to truly help everyday Americans get in on some of the best market-tested, under-the-radar strategies.

Day 2 is proof of that fact.

Adam O’Dell

The mornrning started with an in-depth Options 101 presentation by Adam O’Dell, Chief Investment Strategist and the technical analyst behind the profitable Cannabis Paydays newsletter. He walked the room full of attendees through the ins and outs of options and why they make the perfect investment vehicle in a volatile market.

After a few Day 2 welcoming remarks, we dove into more eye-opening economic insights led by Rodney Johnson, co-founder of Dent Research.

“When you understand these demographic cycles, you’ll know just where you need to put your money to profit. And what may look like a weird trend can be telling if you look at the reasons why. For example, cereal is down for a reason…” Rodney explained before detailing the rare insights that many investors are overlooking.

J.C. Parets 

But, one of my favorite presentations of the day was from the “New Wizard of Wall Street”, J.C. Parets. Despite the doom and gloom of the market, he’s taking a very bullish stand on where he sees markets headed. And with his top five stocks to look at, savvy investors will be wise to take note and follow his recommendations. “The money is in mobile payments. Get in now and ride the wave.”

Charles Sizemore

The mornrning session concluded before lunch with retirement investment analyst and Peak Income editor, Charles Sizemore. With his presentation aptly titled, “Getting Paid in an Upside-Down World of Negative Interest Rates” he made a bold prediction on the best investment to look to for long-term growth. To see what it is, click here to get the video kit and his full slide deck. I know I’ll be looking more into this investment area for my retirement account.

Stay tuned tomorrow mornrning and afternrnoon for even more must-read summit updates.