Manipulating the Megaphone

I’ve been harping on this megaphone patternrn for quite a while now, but you’ve got to remember, there’s a reason why these megaphones are so important for predictions: They tend to occur at the major tops before a fall.

Think 1965, 1968, and again in 1972. Three tops to what’s clearly now a megaphone. What happened after that? Surely you remember 1974.

Now we’re in a bigger one – a megaphone patternrn that takes a little longer for the highs to get to new highs and the lows get to new lows. But we’re in it, and have been since 2000… 2007… now 2019.. We’re building tension, raising the stakes with every turnrn. It’s something I’ve been covering often in the 5 Day Forecast.

So, what do you do? Well, you can ride things out a little longer; there’s always a chance we’ll get more tension, higher stakes (and a better time to cash out on your investment). But there’s always two scenarios: markets can go up and quickly as they can go down.

By the way, Adam O’Dell is the best trading expert I know at pinpointing these types of swings before they happen. His Green Zone Stocks service is light-years ahead of the rest on this kind of stuff: maximizing the wins and minimizing the losses, allowing wins to run longer and cut the losses shorter.

That’s how you beat it, but it’s not exactly easy.

Maybe the better question is, what do you do if you’re not Adam O’Dell? I talk a bit more about that in this week’s Friday Rant.

Up Up Up and Away

As we approach a critical time in the markets, it’s important to ask how the megaphone pattern is being affected. Harry Dent warns of higher highs and lower lows while noting that now is the optimum time to lighten up, sell or hedge your stocks with put options.Sign up for Boom & Bust here:

Posted by Economy and Markets on Friday, November 8, 2019