Living the Retirement Dream

Continuing the conversation on retirement, I must say that the whole concept is bizarre to me.

Everyone has this notion that we must retire at 63 (on average) and then spend the rest of our lives doing nothing.

Today, if you make it to the age of 63, there’s a good chance you’ll live well into your 80s and your spouse may live even longer. That’s an awful long time with which to do nothing!

And doing nothing is the fast and easy road to sharp mental and financial decline.

So I was pleased to see some of the feedback Teresa got over the weekend to her question: What are your retirement dreams? It seems many of you intend to keep yourselves busy, and equally as many intend to continue working, albeit in on a lighter schedule.

What’s my retirement dream? Listen to this week’s video to find out.

And read what Charles has to say below about the $900,000 difference in your retirement account.


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Harry Dent

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