Introduction From ENM's New Editorial Director

Hello there. My name is Robert Johnson and I’m the new Editorial Director for Dent Research.

RobertI’m taking over the Economy and Markets Weekly-Update from Chris Cimorelli, who wrote you about me last week. As, I’ll be assuming the same familiar rapport with all of you, I reckon you should know me, a bit, as well.

So, while normally I’ll be pulling together the larger market themes our team writes about throughout the week, or whatnot — this time we’ll do things a bit differently — and I’ll give you a brief rundown about myself, so that we can get to know each other better from there.

I never really considered journrnalism as a career until my Army discharge in 2005. Back then, I was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center wrapping up a two-year medical discharge, just mildly injured, but surrounded by thousands of other, far more devastated soldiers.

The conditions and the protocols forcing all those soldiers and their families through even more needless hell had an impact on me and in 2007, Dana Priest ripped the lid of the whole situation for the Washington Post. The fallout was impressive: two generals gave up their commissions and a top Bush official resigned.

Robert Johnson - Shootin' the Pope

Robert Johnson – Shootin’ the Pope

I promptly applied to graduate school to earnrn my Master’s in journrnalism. I knew, though, that following the 2008 recession that I wanted to write about finance. Despite Walter Reed, no other topic seemed as vital.

This is how I got there.

For half-a-year I started at University of Missouri School of Journrnalism grad’ school. Working and studying with SABEW Chair Marty Steffens in her Business and Economics Journrnalism program.

From there I went to New York University (the GI Bill had a brief window where it paid outrageous private school rates for a  few months) and I jumped on it.

In the Business and Economic Reporting program, I had classes at Sternrn Business School, as well as the journrnalism school, and took a job with Business Insider.

My military stories, at BI, proved so popular that I was asked to originate a Military & Defense vertical (section) within the site.

I did that…

…and started traveling a lot with the Navy…. here’s the flight deck of the USS WASP.

Robert Johnson - USS WASP

Robert Johnson – USS WASP


And wound up visiting some pretty out of the way places. Like Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Prison…

Robert Johnson - Guantanamo Bay Prison, Camp 6

Robert Johnson – Guantanamo Bay Prison, Camp 6


And Cairo’s, Tahrir Square… Which isn’t really a square at all so much as a very big and dusty traffic circle.

Robert Johnson - Tahrir Square, 2013

Robert Johnson – Tahrir Square, 2013

Despite all the travel, I managed to get that NYU MA and for the past couple of years I worked in Silicon Valley, where I picked up this Google award for a local nonprofit.

Nonprofit life, and Californrnia life, however were not my thing and I accepted a job at 100 Wall Street in NYC for a media startup called Pixable.

I loved working on “The Street” and passing the NYSE each day for lunch. There’s a hum and a tension all through the Financial District. I miss that energy, but I do not miss New York City.

Robert Johnson 2015 - East Village Gas Explosion and Fire

Robert Johnson 2015 – East Village Gas Explosion and Fire

So, here I am in Baltimore, bringing what I learnrned from NYC media and finance reporting from former co-workers like Henry Blodget and Joe Weisenthal to bear here at Economy and Markets for Dent Research.

I couldn’t be more excited. I work with some of the best in the industry and I can walk to work from the Inner Harbor.

Life here, for me, could be much, much worse and I look forward to expanding our rapport and getting to the heart of the things that matter to you and Team Dent.

So, that’s me. If you have any suggestions, comments… or praise! always feel free to email me at Or follow me @JohnsonRW via Twitter.

Robert Johnson - Cienfuegos, Cuba, @therealcuba, Interview with Jinitera

Robert Johnson – Cienfuegos, Cuba, @therealcuba, Interview with Jinitera

Even if you just want a photo of mine that you find online somewhere…