I’ll Have Answers at IES… and a Few Questions

Screen-Shot-2014-06-02-at-4.54.06-PMYears ago I saw a feel-good movie called Blast from the Past. In it, Brendan Fraser’s character was raised by his parents, Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek, in a bomb shelter in Los Angeles during the 1960s and ’70s. He emerged in the 1980s to get fresh supplies and look for a wife.

While in the shelter, his parents taught him many aspects of life, including the nuances of the game of baseball. Walken explained many times that when runners are on base and the batter hits the ball, the runners must advance.

But Brendan just didn’t get it… until he saw the game in real life after leaving the shelter. At one point, as he sits in the stands, he echoes his father’s words, “Because he must!”

Seeing, or hearing, something in person can leave a lasting impression.

As I make my way to our Irrational Economic Summit in Palm Beach, which begins Thursday, I’m excited to provide some clarity about the U.S. dollar for our readers.

Time and again I get questions about the death of the dollar. The reasoning might be different (the Fed, the Amero, the ECB, China, the Middle East, etc.), but the line of thinking remains the same. THIS TIME… the dollar will die.

Except, it hasn’t.

And it won’t.

It will continue… because it must.

I’ve explained the strength of the U.S. dollar many times, dispelling the myths of hyperinflation and collapse, but the subject has resurfaced, and with good reason. There’s a new threat to the greenback, and many people claim this is the end.

I don’t agree, and I’ve got the research to prove it. This will be the main topic I cover at our conference on Friday, which you can listen to if you register for LIVE Streaming.

A Sneak Peek of Our Presentations

That’s just one sliver of our time together. Outside of my time on stage in the general session room, and a couple of breakouts, I’ll travel among the different presentations, learnrning what I can from the incredible cast of characters we’ve put together for this year’s conference.

Harry will open the show as always. I’m sure he’ll cover a few of the topics in his new bestseller, The Sale of a Lifetime. I’ve obviously read the book and know the research well, but there’s something different when you hear it come straight from the author. More than my edification, I want to see how the audience reacts. The education goes both ways during live presentations!

David Walker is definitely on my “can’t miss” list of people to see. I’ll never forget him on the television newsmagazine show 60 Minutes, forcefully telling the world that, “America is broke!”

As the former Comptroller General of the United States and Director of the Governrnment Accountability Office, he knows his topic. What’s so disheartening is that David sounded the alarm in 2007 and 2008, before the financial crisis, and before we added another $9 trillion to the U.S. deficit!

He recently created the Comeback America Initiative, an effort to returnrn the country to our guiding principles and reform our finances. In this crazy election season, where the only common ground is the candidates’ high negative ratings and the fact that no one is talking about our debt, Walker’s message is one we can all get behind! I’m very interested in how he thinks we can right the ship.

A Familiar Face

In addition to the many new faces on stage, there will be a number of returnrning luminaries as well.

One that always attracts a crowd is Dr. Lacy Hunt, and rightfully so. As a longtime investment officer at Hoisington Investment Management, Lacy has been forecasting slow growth and punishingly low interest rates for years. He put his money where his mouth is, filling his account with U.S. Treasurys, and has earnrned a handsome returnrn for his clients.

But now interest rates are creeping higher. The Fed might raise rates in December for only the second time in a decade. Plus, there’s talk of the European Central Bank potentially slowing their bond buying program.

Given his track record, it will be interesting to hear Lacy’s take on these two developments. Specifically, where does he think we are headed in the months and years to come?

If you’re headed to Palm Beach as well, I look forward to seeing you at the conference. If you can’t make it this year, be sure to listen to the presentations in real time through our live broadcasting. This is definitely a “can’t miss” event, filled with not only thoughtful research, but also great investment solutions!

See you there!



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Rodney Johnson

Rodney’s investment focus tends to be geared towards trends that have great disruptive potential but are only beginning to catch on to main-stream adapters. Trends that are likely to experience tipping points in the next 5 years. His work with Harry Dent – studying how people spend their money as they go through predictable stages of life and how that spending drives our economy – helps he and his subscribers to invest successfully in any market.