Are We Living the End of Days?

Did you hear that Chinese scientist He Jiankui claims to have created the first genetically modified humans by editing their DNA before birth?

If not, here’s a CNN video about him (it’s 2 minutes and 52 seconds long, so a quick watch).

He’s made two girls immune to HIV!

Of course, this has created an uproar in the scientific community, and in society at large. Should we be playing God?

But, what if?

If I could choose to have my daughters bornrn immune to HIV, cancer, heart disease, or any other horrible ailment… if I had the choice to make them immune to the flu and measles, polio or chickenpox… would I do it?


Should I do it?

Well, that’s the debate, right?

But if I could help my girls live longer, healthier lives, while I might ponder all the implications, I’d still do it.

What about you?

Would you use such technology? Ethical and theoretical considerations aside, if it came to the crunch, would you say no to using the technology at hand to improve your child’s life? Write to me at and let me know.

All of this reminded me of two things…

First, the Book of Revelations and it’s verses on the Mark of the Beast and the End of Days. I remember reading that when I was younger and being terrified out of my mind.

And second, Harry’s cycles. He follows a technology cycle that is currently in its plateau phase. In the next few years, it kicks back into high gear, leading us to the next round of life-changing, world-changing technology that could see us living doubly-long lives and operating in very different work environments.

He talks about this in Zero Hour, which I hope you’ve read.

We’re seeing glimpses now of the technology that will shape our future. It’s fascinating.

So, here’s a second question for you today:

What’s the one change you hope the future brings?

Write to me at Then come back here to review what you may have missed this week from Harry, Rodney, and Lance…

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That wraps us up for this week. Just two more weeks until Christmas, and three until year end. I look forward to hearing from me.


P.S. Last week Rodney asked the question, “Who would you kill?” He struck a nerve. Next Saturday I’ll share some of the emails he got. Stay tuned. (If you missed that article, you’ll find the link above, or you can simply click here.)