The 3 Best Places to Buy Property

Harry S. Dent | Tuesday, November 27, 2012 >>

Yesterday I warnrned you about nine places in the U.S. where the real estate crisis is far from over. If you missed that issue, you can read it again here: Warnrning: 9 Places Where A Second Property Market Bust is Brewing

As I explained, the property market is like a popcornrn maker. All the kernrnels pop, just at different times. Some must still pop so we expect to see another 33% to 50% decline in property values in particular places around the country.

Other kernrnels have already popped and are ready to eat.

Let me be clear about this: in general I warnrn you to stay the hell away from the real estate market for the next several years. But, if you are determined to get back into property, it’s a good time to buy a foreclosed starter home at 70% to 80% off… and then rent it out for positive cash flow.

Here are 3 best places to buy in the U.S.

Phoenix, Arizona:
Since 2005, the bust has erased its entire bubble in Phoenix. That’s a really good sign and people are already starting to buy more there. When you can rent a starter home for a positive cash flow, like you can in Phoenix, you know real estate is affordable again.


There’s a similar situation in several cities in Nevada…

Las Vegas and Reno have also erased the real estate bubbles. Here’s the Case Shiller chart of Las Vegas to illustrate…

See larger image

Las Vegas has already hit our worst-case-scenario level of 90 on this index. Reno is also at the bottom, with maybe a few percent more on the downside.

Atlanta is definitely a place to look for property. Look at this chart…

See Larger image

During the bubble years, there was great over-building in Atlanta, and while it never bubbled quite as much as other places in the U.S., it is in a good place now for investors.

In fact, Atlanta is in a zone where hey, if I was part of a young couple, I’d feel good about buying a home there at those prices… or if I was an investor and wanted to buy foreclosures, then rent them out at positive cash flow, Atlanta looks good.

So there you have it: The worst and best places to buy property in the next few years. No matter where you decide to buy (or not), do yourself a favor. Find a price index for the area. Zillow is a good place to look. Mark where the property bubble started and where prices are currently. Then note how far they have to fall to reach pre-bubble levels.

If you can’t stomach that level of risk, stay away.




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