The Meaning of All This Chaos

I’m on my way to Australia today. Well, I left yesterday, but travel takes so long from Puerto Rico that it’ll take me at least two days to get there. (And I don’t mess with trying to comprehend the internrnational date line until I’ve landed!)

Anyway, I’m going to Australia for some speaking engagements, as I do once or twice each year. I love Australia, the people and the scenery. And they’re very familiar with my books, seemingly having read them all. So I like them even more.

Reason I tell you all this is that I was putting the finishing touches on my presentation just a few minutes before I stopped to record this video. It’s basically an adaptation of last December’s Leading Edge, my flagship newsletter. And I think that issue is so important that I’m making it available to you now, even if you’re not a subscriber to the newsletter. In my opinion, it’s one that you’ll want your kids and grandkids to read.

Now, I know what you’re saying: “Harry, that’s awfully confident.” But it is! Because it puts the current situation we’re in within the property context and perspective.

Look, we are not in an enviable place right now. I get it. The stock market’s at the highest it’s ever been, and looking to tumble. We’re in this enormous bubble, and things could get pretty bad pretty quick. But you need to keep the longer-term outlook in perspective: The best is yet to come.

We’re heading into 2020 with as much economic and political uncertainty as ever. So, to help you prepare for the inescapable unrest and financial hardships ahead, I put together the best set of resources I have to make sure you’re as prepared as possible for the challenges that lie ahead for so many Americans.

Learnrn how to get full access here!

I know people always think of me like some permabear, but the reality is that’s not true. We’re just in phase 1. That may be ending soon, but better times are ahead after that. So expect a little chaos for a couple of years, but a bright future after that.

And if you don’t believe me here, read last December’s Leading Edge to learnrn exactly why.

You Say You Want a Revolution

We’ve made more progress in the past century than in all human history put together, says Harry Dent. Today he joins us to discuss a special report that covers the trends and issues affecting the country right now, and changes coming for the next generation. Watch now to find out how reports like this are available in The Leading Edge newsletter.Get your Revolt 2020 Action Plan here:

Posted by Economy and Markets on Friday, November 15, 2019