The Power of Polarized Sunglasses and Economic Research

As my economic research has taught me, human nature has us involuntarily pining for the world to grow incrementally, with a minimum of down cycles, but that’s just not the way life evolves.

Just like the focus polarized sunglasses give you to see deeper colors and more clear horizons, focus has the power to make the world look better. It’s critical to success and to feeling better in a world that’s crazy and constantly oscillating.

For innovation to thrive and for our standard of living to rise over time, according to my economic research, we need the polar opposite cycles of booms and busts, inflation and deflation, male and female, and so on.

Many authors, including Tony Robbins, have documented how the most successful athletes and entrepreneurs focus so intensely on what they do best, that they go “into state.” Time disappears and they just do what they must, without the fear and self-consciousness that hold most people back.

When I hear stories of athletes that go “into state” and forget everything else in the world, it resonates with me. That’s what happens to me when I get into my economic research (which is my strength).

When I’m focused, I often lose a sense of time. In fact, I have someone in the office call me to remind me of interviews or conference calls because all such things just slip from my mind. Even a to-do list and calendar reminders do nothing to break from out of that “state” of deep focus.

The same happens when I give speeches on the results of my economic research. I get so focused that I lose myself. I remember one presentation where I recalled saying, “Hi I’m Harry Dent,” and then saying, “Thanks for being a great audience!” I had no recollection of what I said for an hour… but I know it was a great speech and the audience concurred.

Remember, this is the economic winter season, when clear-thinking, focused investors and businesspeople are rewarded. I’m talking about the ones wearing the “polarized lenses,” who are not in denial about the greatest bubble in modernrn history.

It rewards companies, like Randolph Engineering, that have focused and have a great quality product at a lower price point.

So focus on what you do best and build a business out of it, within your company or on your own. Focus on the markets and products you can dominate, and sell off the ones you can’t to create more cash. You’ll need it to weather this economic winter season.

And hopefully our team at Dent Research, including Rodney Johnson and Adam O’Dell, can help you focus on how to survive and prosper in the most difficult season of our lifetime.


Managing Editor’s Note: We had scheduled to start our Irrational Economics & Emotional Investing special series today, but gremlins have tormented us all day. Watch out for the start of the series tomorrow. — Teresa


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