The Puzzle of Biotech Developments: Something's Missing…

Does it seem like everyday you wake up to find another smartphone app either solving the world’s most basic necessities or performing a completely nonsensical function? From better ways to catch a ride, to providing on-demand animal sounds to fill that awkward pause in a conversation, app writers have had no shortage of ideas over the last decade to quickly develop, test, and distribute.

Meanwhile, in the life and death arena of medicine, we are running out of effective antibiotics and can’t keep up with demand when new deadly diseases strike.

Something is horribly wrong with this picture. Fortunately, a new Biotech Lab, bornrn and based in “the cloud,” is in the process of tackling this problem.

D.J. Kleinbaum and Brian Frezza, founders of Emerald Therapeutics, believe our current industry is behind the curve in development speeds for medicine, due to the complex nature of running experiments and testing in life sciences.

Traditionally, a new experiment will take a month to setup and requires highly skilled and educated doctors and scientists to run — not to mention the upfront cost for lab equipment, which can be astronomical.

Emerald Cloud Laboratory, dubbed “ECL-1,” hopes to change this approach by creating a more modular and on-demand approach to experimentation and testing.  They have an enormous warehouse space filled with state-of-the-art instruments for DNA sequencing, gas chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance, and other standard life science experiments.

By using robots to handle much of the day-to-day operations, ECL-1 can run up to 50 experiments simultaneously, even with a staff of just three technicians.

Their clients upload protocols for new experiments remotely on ECL’s hardware, very similar to how Amazon runs their on-demand, cloud-based web services.  This allows for a more cost-competitive and efficient approach to experimentation… ultimately speeding up new medicine development, testing, and implementation to the masses!

Make no mistake, Emerald Therapeutics is revolutionizing how the biotech industry will develop and test the medicines and vaccines our country and world need urgently.

As always, I will continue to monitor the market’s latest health and biotech technology trends via my social media collective intelligence tool and keep you updated on the latest.

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