This Is Truly a Game Changer in the Battle Against Cancer

Ben Benoy Economy and MarketsThe old math trick of adding two negatives together to make a positive has been leading a new charge in the world of fighting cancer.

Earlier this year, researchers at Duke University announced they were finding success in treating cancer with a genetically engineered poliovirus.

Now, researchers at the University of Copenhagen are fighting cancer using a protein from the malaria disease!

The Danish researchers were originally working on a treatment to protect pregnant women from malaria, due to its effect of attacking the placenta.

But as it turnrns out, the same malaria protein they use to combat that disease… can be used to knock out cancer tumors, too!

This is how it works:

There’s a carbohydrate in a pregnant women’s placenta that the malaria parasite attaches itself to. That carbohydrate is the same found in cancer cells.

So scientists took the protein they use in malaria vaccines… added a toxin… and targeted the cancer cells. Once the cells absorb the malaria protein, the toxin gets released.

And just like that – bye-bye, cancer.

One expert noted that scientists had been looking for comparisons between the growth of a placenta and tumor for decades.

Both of these types of tissues grow aggressively in a relatively foreign environment, so it just makes sense to leverage the similarities.

This research is truly a game changer in the fight against cancer.

Researchers from both the University of Copenhagen and the University of British Columbia believe the malaria protein is able to attack more than 90% of all types of tumors.

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Ben Benoy

Ben Benoy

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