Time Well Spent

Here’s a holiday riddle for you…

What is the most valuable gift of all?

Everyone gets a bit of it (although in varying amounts).

We can use it in any way that we can imagine.

But when it’s gone… it’s gone.

Any guesses?

Oh, and you can’t wrap it… you can’t exchange it… and you can’t stuff it in a stocking…

What is this most valuable gift?

To me, the most valuable gift of all is time.

Time spent with friends and family…

Time spent exploring the world…

Time spent engrossed in a favorite hobby…

Time spent, well… however and exactly as we please!

I think it’s important to always remember that we have the freedom, and responsibility, to actively choose how we use our precious gift of time.

Most of us, myself included, take this gift for granted now and again. We get so caught up in our busy schedules and routines that we forget to stop for a moment and decide how we most want to use our time.

It’s a choice! And it’s one that each of us makes.

In a way, time is democratizing.

The richest man in the world can’t buy a decade’s worth of time. Money can’t replenish time that’s been wastefully spent.

And for the poorest man in the world… nothing can take the time he’s spent with purpose and passion. Nothing can erase the joy of time well spent.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re closer to the rich end of the spectrum than that of the poor, in terms of monetary wealth. And I think it’s important to acknowledge and be thankful for it

After all, anyone who has a brokerage account… or investments, in general… is in some ways more fortunate than more than half the world’s population. We’re fortunate enough to have “leftover” resources earnrned yesterday, to grow even more resources for our tomorrows.

Much of the world’s population lives hand to mouth.

Even in the developed world, many of those who work live paycheck-to-paycheck… and trade their time for dollars.

So for many, much of our valuable time is spent simply keeping up with life’s daily demands. Free time, if there is any, is truly a luxury.

Meanwhile, we investors are fortunate for having the ability to leverage ideas, not necessarily time, toward earnrning monetary resources which can more than cover life’s daily demands.

And in doing so, investors can earnrn the ultimate luxury of free time… time that can be spent, rather than punching a time-clock, in any way our hearts desire…

… with friends and family

… exploring the world

… engrossed in a hobby

… with purpose and passion

That, for me, is the greatest gift of all.






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