Behind the Scenes

Rodney Johnson | Friday, May 24, 2013 >>

Our research is long-term.

It’s demographic trends and consumer spending patternrns.

It’s cycles and analysis.

And it allows us to see trends years before they happen.

It’s what tells us that gold is going lower.

It’s what tells us that housing has another leg down, in spite of the Fed’s best efforts.

It’s what allows us to say that Europe is not coming out of the slump. With 12%-plus unemployment and an area-wide recession, it’s going to get worse… and it’s not going to get better as they step off of a demographic cliff.

And China is leading the world towards a great slowdown. It’s been doing all sorts of capital building and when it stops, the impact of lower commodity prices is going to echo around the world.

Our economy is weak. It’s been weak for years. It will continue to be weak for a while. Weak demand growth, weak job growth, lower wages. It’s difficult.

But we know something else is going on…


The markets are at record highs. That means there’s risk. A lot of risk. We’ve talked about it and we will continue to talk about it because, as the markets stretch away from the economy, eventually it’s going to come back.

Still, while the markets are moving there’s profit potential. And that’s why we’re thrilled about the Cycle 9 Alert system our investment analyst, Adam O’Dell, has developed (and with the help of 50+ beta-testers, perfected).

We’ve been sending you emails about it over the last couple of weeks so, by now, you should have some idea of how it all works and I hope you’ve already joined Adam. Just four days ago he alerted followers to a new, urgent recommendation that his system alerted him to… one that faced an imminent, and significant, pop.

(In case you’ve missed these emails, here’s what you need to know about the Cycle 9 Alert system.)

What you may not know is what went on behind the scenes to get us to this exciting point…

When we were looking for somebody to work on creating this system, we needed a numbers cruncher. We needed somebody who could disregard all the noise and geopolitical craziness and say, “Look, here is what the numbers are telling me.”

It’s critical in the economic winter season to be able to disregard superfluous, distracting stuff when you’re looking at short-term trends. You need to be able to focus on what the numbers are telling you.

When we met Adam, he was a high-level consultant to one of the richest families in Greece, as well as oil executives and other energy executives. We wined. We dined. And we convinced him to join us in house. And we couldn’t be happier.

His cycle research has identified a way to look at those sectors and those industries that are rising to the top, and then within those sectors and industries, the specific investments that have great profit potential. So far, his system has blown our expectations out of the water. He’s given beta-testers and early followers the opportunity to bank gains of 51%… 65%… 91%… 140%… 57%… 84%… 113%.

I say this is short-term because this is the economic winter season. You don’t just put this on and let it run. The positions Adam recommends are ones you hold for a week, maybe a couple of weeks, maybe a month or two, but no longer. It’s not long-term. You put it on, earnrn the profit, and then you bank it and protect it.

That’s the key.

Now you might be skeptical. I understand because I’m skeptical too, of many things. You should be. That’s how you don’t get taken to the cleaners by scam artists and overblown promises.

But understand, Adam didn’t just roll this out. He identified the cycle over a year ago. He’s been working on this in-house since then. He saw it, recognized it, started running it, started tweaking how it might work with investments, got it to a point that made a lot of sense. And only then did he roll it out to a small group of beta testers. Those beta testers have had this information coming to them since November 2012 and as I said earlier, during that timeframe, the positions he added to the model portfolio have gained over 60%.

Understand that I’ve been doing this for a long time; more than two decades.

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things like “you’re going to earnrn a zillion percent,” or “there’s no risk.” And of course, it never happens that way.

But I know the details of this program. I know that it’s real. I know that it works. And I know the returnrns are at such a level that it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss.



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