What Happens on the Other Side of This Bubble

I recorded this video on Friday because last week’s market action moved us closer to my second scenario in the greater Dark Window play, but I waited until today to send it to you because I wanted to see how markets opened this mornrning. Earlier, I wrote to Boom & Bust subscribers with an update, so if you haven’t read that yet, you might want to give it a look now.

But, in today’s video, I explain that, while understanding this bubble and its likely dramatic ending just ahead, equally important is knowing what happens on the other side. What will it look like when this bubble finally bursts?

Let me tell you, it’s ugly. Trillions in wealth will vanish. I’m not talking M2 or M3, as money is described in economics. I’m talking people’s financial assets, like stocks and bonds, the value of real estate and cars, you name it.

And there is one group in particular that will suffer the worst of it.

Watch to my latest video for the details. But be warnrned: you’ll want to be sitting down for this one.