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Our FREE reports put together by the Dent Research team cover a wide range of topics from stock market forecasts, retirement planning, real estate, gold, the Dow and upcoming economic predictions for the year ahead. These reports are extremely valuable resources for anyone and everyone – from business owners and experienced investors to those just interested in learnrning more. Stay one step ahead of the curve and browse our report library now to download your FREE report!

Californrnia: Leading the Charge in the Red/Blue State War

Globalization has succeeded to the point that it’s now failing. Harry Dent’s takes on the idea of the “Yes Californrnia” campaign and reveals what has led us to the point of such a revolutionary movement.

Gold: Your Questions Answered.

Senior Editor, Harry Dent addresses reader questions regarding specific challenges about gold and how gold is affected by the market. Harry also provides further support for his forecast of a gold meltdown.

Gold: Will Fall to $700/oz

Senior Editor, Harry Dent addresses reader questions regarding specific challenges about the gold market and how it’s affected by the changing economy.  Harry also provides further support for his forecast of a gold meltdown.

Dollar: The Reserve Currency

Don’t be fooled by the naysayers… The dollar WILL remain the world’s most important currency… And the latest report from Dent Research reveals one sure way to profit from continued dollar dominance.

The Top 7 Sectors for the Next 20 Years

It isn’t always doom and gloom – there ARE profitable trends in our economy! From healthcare to retirement, this reports details all you need to know about lucrative industry sectors, helping you to make wise, profitable investment decisions – even when the economy is crumbling around you.

Get Ready for the Real Estate Reset

The worldwide real estate bubble is set to crash – SOON. What were once prosperous assets, will become devalued ones with no market. And FAST. Are you prepared for the inevitable housing crisis? Learnrn how to invest wisely and protect your assets now!

Four Signs of the Next Economic Collapse

Harry Dent examines the four key macroeconomic cycles that will have the biggest influence on economic growth and key turnrning points, just as they have proven time and time again.

An Energy Revolution in the Making

The Dent Research team takes a look at the constantly evolving energy revolution and how fracking will begin to affect other markets such as energy, fuel, automotive and more in the near future.

China’s Impending Crash: The Demise of the Red Dragon

It’s time to face facts: the great China bubble is going to burst. And it will deal the hardest and the strongest blow to the economy because China is such a growth machine… with such an extreme bubble.