2016: The Latest Innovations in the Tech Industry

Ben Benoy Economy and MarketsEvery year professional nerds gather in the desert at the Consumer Electronics Show to check out the latest the tech industry has to offer.

And there’s a lot of new interesting tech out there, from video games for your dog, to laundry machines that both wash and dry your clothes in a single cycle!

Even the conventional washer-dryer combo has a new feature that sends you a text when your clothes are ready. It can even check the price of electricity and run its cycle during non-peak periods.

TVs are also evolving. The 4K model has four times the pixels of your now-standard HDTV, and they’re already unveiling the 8K model with 16 times the pixels.

Innovations in smart phones, however, appear to be slowing. As for electric cars, auto makers can’t seem to work out the kinks. And perhaps strangest of all (if video games for your dog wasn’t weird enough), vinyl record players are making a comeback.

Everything new and old besides, something that particularly catches my eye is Under Armour’s fitness portfolio: “Healthbox.”

Many of us have gotten accustomed to wearing bracelets or using our phones to track our steps and distance. Now Under Armour has a suite of products that all connect wirelessly to the Internrnet, including a smart scale, a fitness band, and a heart-rate monitor. If that wasn’t enough wearable tech for you, they’re also launching a new smart shoe and a pair of wireless headphones that track your movement as well!

All of this high-speed wearable tech is spawning a new industry of health data brokering. This will help you assist your physician in keeping tabs on your body’s physical state between check-ups, and could even allow you to get discounts on your health insurance!

There could be a pretty sizeable market for these products. By making fitness easier to track they’re making it more accessible – not to mention convenient! Wireless headphones? Come on!

I’m tracking this tech via my social media collective intelligence tool to see if we can get a jumpstart on the market.

Ben Benoy

Ben Benoy

Editor, Biotech Intel Trader